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Which LED bollard do I choose? A customer contacted Access Fixtures looking for LED bollards to light a building entryway. While he knew there were many varieties of reflector types, he wasn’t sure which would be the best for the application due to the light output and distribution.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists provided him with our bollard light spacing outline that compares the light distribution of each bollard reflector. The chart helps consumers choose the best bollard for their specific application, while also helping them decide how many bollards are needed for the application and how far apart to space them. Check it out here.

In addition to light distribution, Access Fixtures published new data listing the efficacy of every bollard light configuration. When choosing bollard lights, there are several choices including optics (louvers, standard reflectors, or type 5), lamp type (fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or LED), and a range of wattages. The new information allows our customers to make a more informed decision. Click here to view the Bollard Light Efficacy Chart.

To learn more about the right fixture for your application, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.