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A real estate developer called Access Fixtures with a dilemma. He needed to light the parking lot outside a small shopping center in an upscale community. He was scheduled to have parking lot lighting mounted on 16′ poles. At the last minute, the neighbors complained, “NIMBY,” and the building inspector prohibited the installation.

The real estate developer called Access Fixtures, needing a quick and cost effective solution. With expertise and photometric analysis software, Access Fixtures lighting specialists provided a solution. The parking lot could be safely illuminated using 42″ bollard lights with 100w pulse-start metal halides.

Using 42″ bollards, the light is distributed closer to the ground. Bollards provided a way to evenly distribute the light without having to install 16′ poles. The solution decreases light trespass while safely lighting the parking lot.

The bollard lights offer additional benefits. The original design used four 16′ poles, each with two to four 1000w pulse start metal halide luminaires. The new solution called for 22 bollard lights with 100w pulse start metal halide luminaires. The bollard-based parking lot solution reduced lighting equipment cost by approximately 35% and energy use by over 80%. Because the bollards can be serviced on the ground, the new design also reduces future maintenance expenses.

The building inspector approved the new design. The neighbors are content, the lighting solution is effective, and energy and costs are reduced. Yes!

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