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A customer in California reached out to Access Fixtures, seeking information on whether or not transitioning to LED lighting for their tennis court would result in energy savings.

This was compared to pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) lighting systems.

Access Fixtures’ response to the inquiry involved a nuanced assessment.

While LED lighting does offer energy savings, the prospect of a direct payback is uncertain.

The primary factor influencing this uncertainty is the limited daily operation time of the lights.

led tennis court lighting competition level

It may not be adequate to offset the initial higher costs associated with LED lighting.

A critical variable for consideration was how much the LED luminaire can curtail maximum usage compared to PSMH lighting.

Electric bills comprise components for both peak demand and overall usage.

The pivotal question revolved around the impact of reducing 4000 watts of peak demand on the electric bill.

To derive a more accurate understanding, a detailed investigation was warranted.

Closer examination of the invoice and calculation of the cost implications associated with the reduction in peak demand.

If you need a more comprehensive understanding of the ideal lighting solution for their specific application, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist is recommended.

Our team is equipped to provide tailored insights and guidance to facilitate informed decision-making.