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Previously, Access Fixtures provided LED fixtures for a Major League Baseball stadium to illuminate a long hallway that is used to market memorabilia and collectibles. Now Access Fixtures is helping a minor league baseball stadium become more green with LED.

The minor league baseball stadium contacted Access Fixtures wanting to update from linear fluorescent to LED in their executive suites. Some of the T8 fixtures weren’t functioning and frequently required replacement ballasts and/or lamps. Beyond the frequent maintenance, the lamps required special recycling due to the mercury that linear fluorescent lamps contain. This process was costly and added to the inconvenience.

The facilities manager was looking for a long-term, sustainable solution. Access Fixtures provided them with 2×2 LED troffers and 2×4 LED troffers. The LED troffers brought significant savings by reducing energy costs as well as costs associated with frequent replacement and installation. This enabled the stadium to achieve a quick return on investment.

Not only did the LED fixtures reduce energy and maintenance costs, they provided superior photometrics as compared to linear fluorescent troffers they replaced. The T8 fixtures had parabolic diffusers that limited the distribution of light and kept the upper part of the walls dark. LED troffers radically changed that. The wide-beam spread of the LEDs materially enhanced the interior of the executive suites and everything appeared brighter. With a significantly improved CRI, colors appeared more vivid. Furthermore, the new LED troffers are dimmable, whereas the linear fluorescent system was not.

Since T8 lighting is actually quite energy efficient, replacing linear fluorescent is one of the last frontiers for LED. Still, change is at hand. For replacement or upgrading, LED troffers offer superior light distribution, high CRI and do not contain mercury.  In new construction, additional benefits include LED troffers that are dimmable, saving additional energy and making it possible for employees to determine light levels in their work areas. Also LED troffers are less expensive than dimmable fluorescent troffers.

LED troffers have arrived, function better than fluorescent troffers and are now cost-competitive. This has motivated many people to take out linear fluorescent and install LED. Based on the results, the project will likely be expanding to other areas of the stadium.

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Before: With linear fluorescent, dark shadows are created where the ceiling meets the wall. Some of the fixtures are non-functioning.



After: Using LED troffers, the room is effectively illuminated and all the fixtures are functioning properly.