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Comparing traditional and AF new full cutoff LED wall  pack

Photo of traditional LED Wall Pack in service alley      CUDL LED Wall Pack

Access Fixtures has elevated the adaptability of its extensive range of architectural LED wall packs with notable updates.

This enhancement introduces a wider array of configurations coupled with reduced prices, offering architects and lighting designers increased flexibility in their choices.

The updated configurations now empower professionals to specify the precise amount of:

  • light emitted directionally both up and down,
  • determine the beam spread of the light,
  • and select the Kelvin temperature of the illumination.

Discover and gain insights into these cutting-edge wall packs by delving into Access Fixtures’ new lines of LED wall packs.

These advanced LED arrays are now available across Access Fixtures’ offerings, including LED half-bay wall packs and LED oval cylinder wall packs.

These powerful LED modules from Xicato, the light source boast LM80 certification, ensuring an impressive 90,000 hours of use while maintaining an estimated 80% of its initial light output.

Experience enhanced performance and design freedom with Access Fixtures’ upgraded LED wall packs. by contacting an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to discuss your high-performance lighting solution(s) today!