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A while ago, Access Fixtures initiated the introduction of a new outdoor LED basketball court lighting package.

Since then, we have actively expanded this comprehensive line of sports lighting packages.

This LED Basketball Court Lighting Package consumes only 966 watts!

Utilizing less than 25% of the energy compared to equivalent HID basketball lighting packages.

Immerse yourself in the power, efficiency, and savings inherent in Access Fixtures’ LED lighting fixtures—a solution that is potent, versatile, and cost-effective.

Explore numerous optional features that allow customization based on your preferences and lighting requirements.

This package guarantees a robust, high-performance lighting solution, in keeping with Access Fixtures’ esteemed reputation.

The luminaires boast an 85% lumen maintenance rating at 100,000 hours.

If utilized for five hours every evening, every day, these luminaires are estimated to provide lighting for an impressive 55 years.

This basketball court lighting package offers a comprehensive solution comprising six poles, six LED luminaires, and mounting hardware.

All our packages undergo meticulous design and analysis to ensure consistent, quality lighting for standard single, half, backyard, and twin basketball courts.

For further details and to explore your tailored lighting solution, reach out to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today.

Your personalized lighting solution awaits.