New No UV – No Light Below 450nm Linear Fixtures by Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures, a Worcester, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of commercial, sports, and industrial lighting,  has released another fixture in its expanding line of No UV – No Light Under 450 Nanometers products. The EPTA, already a mainstay in the Access Fixtures line of linear LEDs, is now available in No UV. This linear fixture is available in 30w, 60w, 90w, 120w, and 150w. Geared towards production facilities that require no UV due to certain manufacturing processes, these fixtures join the FLAT, FLYT, and no-UV APTA as one of the most cutting-edge technological advances in modern LED lighting to date. The EPTA No UV allows production facilities to meet OSHA and corporate regulations and standards like never before.


The EPTA differs from Access Fixtures’ previous no-UV releases in form and size. Linear fixtures such as the EPTA are versatile and able to be mounted up to 16’ high with a choice of wire mount, knuckle mount, or bracket mount.  EPTA No-UV is available with an emergency battery backup as well as boasting a 50,000 hour L70 rating. EPTA No-UV replaces old fluorescent lamps with gold filters and coatings that broke down over time. Dedicated LED technology prevents this breakdown which reduces the risk of production failures. The LED technology developed by Access Fixtures renders gold lamps and filters obsolete.


EPTA is flicker-free and IP67 rated. EPTA No UV – No Light Under 450nm comes equipped with a diffuser that creates a pleasant light distribution that is easy to work under. There is no glare and no harsh spots with this fixture and due to the unique configuration of the LEDs, lighting is more broad spectrum than traditional gold filter tubes.


Some research and production facilities either desire to reduce energy use or are required to comply with regulations like CA Title 24. These fixtures make corporate and OSHA regulations easy to meet compared to traditional gold filter tubes. EPTA is ready for most if not all controls including 0-10v dimming, occupancy sensors, and DALI. EPTA is unaffected by frequent dimming or on/off cycles.

EPTA’s LED technology is exactly what production facility managers need. Its unique linear design broadens options for lighting clean rooms and production facilities and provides a different form factor than traditional ceiling troffers. In line with most of Access Fixtures’ other luminaires, EPTA luminaires are ensured by a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty.