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Recently, a customer in California contacted the Access Fixtures lighting experts to inquire about outdoor basketball court LED lighting. His goal was to sufficiently light his backyard court but also prevent light spill onto neighboring properties. The court abutted neighboring properties, so the basketball court lights had to be setup in such a way that the neighbors would be unaffected.

Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting

For illuminating his new backyard basketball court, the customer was very happy with APTA 166w LED Sport Lights.

The customer gave us the court dimensions of 25’ x 25’. This specific court gave plenty of room to practice free throws, jump shots, and some three-point shot as well. The court was surrounded by fencing of various heights and had a concrete perimeter that designated a proper out-of-bounds area.

An Access Fixtures lighting specialist used the results from a photometric report we recently ran for a slightly larger, 30’ x 35’ outdoor basketball court LED lighting solution. Because the sizes and levels of play on the two courts were so similar, our specialist was able to make slight adjustments to the second court to match the amount of 10 footcandles we achieved for the first court.

A New and Improved Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting Solution

The Access Fixtures specialist also considered ways to improve this second outdoor basketball court LED lighting package. Rather than just giving a cookie-cutter recommendation, he considered the pros and cons of the first package as they applied to this second customer.

The first package used 185-watt sports lighters rated for 100,000 hours. While previous customers have been thrilled with this unit, he knew there was another unit in our lineup that could potentially offer increased light, more easily customizable beam spreads, and even a longer lifetime. This second fixture would also be more efficient and would use 19 fewer watts. The design of the first fixture made it better suited for higher mounting heights, whereas the second unit was better suited for lower heights. Knowing how close the neighboring property was, our specialist knew we wouldn’t be able to put the fixtures as high up as we could in the first project.

The Ideal Fixtures: APTA LED Sport Lights

Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting

The APTA 166w LED Sport Light emits 19,920 lumens, providing plenty of light for the customer’s backyard basketball court.

For this outdoor basketball court LED lighting package, our expert determined that the second fixture, the APTA 166-Watt LED Sport Light would be the perfect fit. This fixture provides 200,000 hours of life (nearly 23 years!), has a range of beam spread options, and has a slim profile with easy-to-replace LED modules. Measuring 13 inches wide, 23 inches long and just under three inches in height, the APTA 166 made for a versatile and powerful—yet controlled—solution.

Color options for the APTA LED sport lights include black, bronze, gray, and white; the units are built with die-cast aluminum housings with corrosion-resistant polyester powder. Their finish meets 1,000-hour salt-spray certification per ASTM B117/ISO 9227:2012 and the units have a modular LED design with an IP65 rating, making them completely weatherproof. More to the APTA’s versatility is that it has more than 20 optical lens options available for specific light distribution patterns. We were able to select the precise distribution pattern for the mounting height and area of this outdoor basketball court LED lighting project. The fixture secure to poles with easy-to-aim slip fitter mounts, so pointing the light and locking it in place is a breeze.

Providing 166 system watts and automatic capability with line voltages between 120v and 277v, the APTA 166w emits an impressive 19,920 lumens. It is also CuL Listed, UL listed, and RoHS certified. When we presented this solution to the customer, he immediately exclaimed that he loved the sleek, upgraded design as compared to older metal halide fixtures.

IP Ratings for Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting Solutions

For any lighting project, it is important to consider the setting in which the fixtures will be placed. Indoor fixtures may be exposed to dust; outdoor fixtures will be exposed to both dust and water.

Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting

The APTA 166w LED Sport Light fixtures sit atop a 14-foot poles and were easily adjusted with slip fitter mounts.

Rain, humidity, sleet, and snow can be detrimental to light fixtures not built to withstand the elements. One of the specifications of the APTA 166-watt units we used is their Ingress Protection (or IP) rating of IP65—it is crucial to look at this rating when illuminating outdoor spaces like an outdoor basketball court.

IP ratings come in two-digit codes. The first digit ranges from zero to six and represents the protection level against solids, including dust. The “6” in the APTA’s IP65 rating signifies that the fixture is dust-tight and will allow no ingress of dust. The second digit, which ranges from zero to eight, represents the protection against water ingress. The “5” in the APTA’s IP65 rating it is completely watertight against everything up to water jets projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction. This is more than enough protection for safety in any weather and means the fixtures can even be sprayed down with a hose for cleaning. For more information in IP ratings, read our full report here or call Access Fixtures today.

Light Trespass Regulations for the Outdoor Backyard Court LED Package

The customer not only had close-by neighbors, he had actual light trespass regulations to consider. All light needed to be directed and oriented to prevent any light trespass or spill onto adjacent properties, driveways or public rights-of-way, and could not exceed 0.3 footcandles at the property line.

The height of the fixtures and poles for this outdoor basketball court LED lighting project could also not exceed the maximum permitted building height of the residential zone. The maximum height in this district was 35 feet. This is higher than we would recommend for backyard basketball court lighting anyway, but because this figure varies from location to location, it is always a good idea to stay aware of your local codes. To make sure this customer did not send any light to neighboring properties or streets, the eventual pole height was lowered to 14 feet.

How Many Fixtures Do You Need to Light a Backyard Basketball Court?

Only two APTA 166-watt LED Sport Lights were required to complete this project. With wide beam spreads of 120 degrees, these units were able to compensate for the low mounting height of 14 feet.

Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting

The APTA 166w LED Sport Light is IP65-rated, making it perfect for all outdoor conditions. Its 200,000-hour life and built-in 0-10v dimmable driver will provide many hours of on-court enjoyment.

For any level of play, we always recommend multiple points of light (i.e., not lighting a court with a single fixture). Multiple points of light help prevent shadowing and hotspots that can disrupt the game. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. We believe in that adage, even when lighting a backyard court. Of course, this doesn’t mean a backyard court needs to be illuminated to collegiate levels, but it should have 2+ points of light so the lighting achieves the job it was set out to do.

These fixtures do also come with standard 0-10 volt dimming, making it easy to bring the light levels down if desired. Their 4000K color temperature and 70+ color rendering index meant the light would be ideal for this sporting application.

The Outdoor Basketball Court LED Lighting Solution

The customer and his family are now able to use the court year-round, well after the sun sets. Just as importantly, the customer can do this while keeping a good report with his neighbors and his local codes.

The customer came to Access Fixtures looking for the ideal outdoor basketball court LED lighting solution. We were thrilled to present a package that achieves all of his goals at a convenient and accessible price and lead time. The customer’s reactions were overwhelmingly positive, and as evidenced by the pictures he sent our way, there are sure to be many hours enjoyed on the court.

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