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One proposed layout for the double tennis court. “40D” are fixtures with forty-degree beam spreads; “80D” are fixtures with 80-degree beam spreads.

Someone on the board of directors for a local community association recently contacted Access Fixtures.

They were searching for a lighting solution for a double tennis court and an adjacent swimming pool.

His goal was to create a permanent and energy-efficient solution.

Revamping the double tennis court facility meant replacing the community’s halogen units.

An adjacent swimming pool also required a new LED lighting solution to accommodate swim meets and evening pool-side activities.

The uniquely shaped pool did not have an existing, permanent lighting solution;

the facility had to rent portable, generator-operated lights for their events.

A main priority of the project was ensuring the pool lanes were perfectly illuminated for competitions.

In previous matches, the portable lights had worked fine, but the association felt it made the pool look like a construction zone,

which they wanted to avoid going forward.

Tennis courts measured 120 by 108 feet.

Our customer provided a detailed drawing of the pool area that allowed our lighting specialists

to evaluate the area and provide the most accurate suggestions.

Due to the size and details involved in this project, our lighting specialists recommended a photometric design. 

It intends to determine whether or not the proposed plan would meet each specification set out by the community association.

Photometric Design Goals

The results of the first photometric analysis concluded that the total number of poles needed to illuminate the double

tennis court was nine and the poles had to be twenty feet high.

Six poles would hold a single fixture each and were to be placed one foot behind the surrounding fence.

The remaining three poles were to be placed in the middle of the two courts and used two fixtures each.

We also suggested another option that used six twenty-foot poles, each holding two LED fixtures.

The aim was to achieve approximately 30 footcandles throughout the playing area.

Different configurations allowed our lighting specialists to evaluate the results and help the customer select the best option.

Dimmable Features

outdoor led flood lightsInitially, the customer did not see dimming as a requirement for the pool or the tennis courts.

What they had mentioned, however, was they wanted to be able to use the swimming area for

both competitive swim meets, and social, and poolside functions.

With this in mind, our lighting specialist recommended adding dimmable features to the swimming area lighting system.

With this capability, these fixtures provide excellent light levels for competitions,

and less intense ambient light for dances, barbecues, family gatherings, etc.

The dimmers would allow them to create the exact light output needed for any activity.

In the end, adding the dimming feature meant that the pool area could be appropriately used for multiple

activities and that recouping the project’s cost would be quicker.

Lighting Solutions

When this customer first approached Access Fixtures, they were open to using any fixture which helped them meet their requirements.

An Access Fixtures lighting specialist explored some fixture options with this customer,

and having no design or style limitations meant there were more fixtures to select from.

After exploring some options and their requirement into account, the BOXE flood light product family from Access Fixtures

matched all specifications and requirements.

The 407w BOXE LED shoebox is packed with high-output LEDs that deliver 56,955 total light source lumens.

Each BOXE provides a minimum CRI of 70 and has a die-cast aluminum housing for significant durability.

Built with major USA-brand components; a choice of Kelvin temperatures; and options for mounting, dimming, etc.,

the 407w BOXE flood lights were ideal for this tennis and pool lighting project.

These fixtures are L70 rated at 100,000 hours, which means at 100,000 hours, they will emit 70% of their initial lumens.

One fixture will run for 11.4 years before needing a replacement, but that’s only if you run these fixtures 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Don’t be surprised to see your fixtures lasting 20 or 30 years.


Footcandle Requirements

To achieve the required footcandle levels a standard out-of-the-box package with

120-degree beam spreads weren’t suitable for this project.

Running the photometric analysis with 40- and 80-degree fixtures allowed us to distribute the

light and hit the necessary footcandle levels.

Access Fixtures can easily customize any optics in your 407w LED shoebox fixtures.

This is often done to achieve better light by narrowing or widening the beam spread or adjusting the LED boards.

You can choose from slanted, narrow, skinny, or type IIV distribution.

Once the technicalities were resolved, this customer brought the proposal to the board of directors for evaluation.

Their board approved the project but needed to submit a permit application to their city.

This application required information about the voltage drop, light details, a wiring diagram, a site plan with

the proposed lighting solution, pole-base specs, and information regarding the power supply.

Processes such as this typically take some time.

Once all information gathered and presented was approved, the community association was happy to use the proposed lighting solution by Access Fixtures.

How Many Fixtures Were Needed?

Simulating the results with a photometric analysis allowed the customer to understand the results this project would achieve and the Access Fixtures lighting team to work closely with the customer.

Making accurate suggestions and changes before the purchasing and installation processes began was paramount.

To light the double tennis court twelve 407w BOXE flood lights with 80-degree beam spreads were used on nine poles.

The swimming pool area used eighteen 4000K 407w BOXE flood lights with 010v dimming, ten of which used 40-degree beam spreads and eight of which used 80-degree beam spreads.

The Conclusive Lighting Solution

outdoor led flood lightsThis association was a busy facility and a prominent location for swim meets.

It was important to ensure both the pool and double tennis court were well-lit to allow the club to grow

its facility activities and ensure a quality outcome.

When all details were finalized and permits were in place, the main priority for this customer was ensuring everything came together at the right time.

With a limited timeframe, everything needed to come together when it was needed.

By choosing Access Fixtures, this customer felt confident that this would happen.

This customer came to Access Fixtures looking for the best lighting solution for his facility’s tennis and pool club.

In just a few weeks, our lighting team gathered every detail about his space and needs, ran multiple photometric reports,

and spoke in great detail with the customer offering advice and suggestions.

The delivered solution met every requirement and even went beyond the initial plans via options such as dimming,

which allowed them to adjust light levels as desired.

Working closely with this customer and his association allowed Access Fixtures lighting specialists to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of a successfully lit facility.

The customer was thrilled with the outcome. He and his association were happy with the level of support from our lighting specialists.

Additionally, he was delighted with the organization of the project and knowing that everything came together exactly when needed.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist

Do you have a pool or tennis court in need of better lighting?

Access Fixtures will assign a team to your project who will work closely with you to ensure you receive the ideal solution for your performance and budget requirements.

We are passionate about lighting and love what we do—we’ll find the best solution for your project. Call us today at 800-468-9925.

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