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Why stop your volleyball game when the sun goes down? With Access Fixtures’ new line of outdoor LED volleyball court lighting packages, you don’t have to. Access Fixtures has completely revamped its line of outdoor LED volleyball court lighting packages to include a whopping nine LED court packages. From recreational clubs to backyards to beaches, volleyball courts are a standardized size and relatively simple to light. The difference between these new volleyball court lighting packages and the old ones is enormous. The new court packages are available in nine configurations with different pole sizes including heights of 20’, 25’, and 30’. Each pole height package is also available in either 10fc, 20fc, or 30fc. The truly custom nature of these packages makes them a great choice for anybody looking to light a volleyball court at any level of play.


“Our old volleyball court lighting packages were great but the new redesigned packages are just phenomenal,” says Access Fixtures CEO Steve Rothschild. “With three different pole heights and the extreme-life APTA fixtures, these packages provide so many options for homeowners and property managers.”



Volleyball Lighting That Lasts

A standard volleyball court measures 30’ x 60’ with a net across the halfway mark. Access Fixtures conducted several photometric analyses to determine the perfect placement for poles in a volleyball court lighting project. Using their APTA LED luminaires, Access Fixtures can light any volleyball court to extraordinary customer satisfaction. The APTA fixtures are rated L70 @ 200,000 hours, which translates to years of excellent lighting. APTA luminaires are IP67 rated, meaning they are weatherproof and completely sealed from the elements. A high color rendering index allows the game to unfold in impressive visual detail. Bird spikes are available as options and all APTA fixtures are covered by a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty.To determine which volleyball lighting package will be best for your court application, call us at 800-468-9925 or email us at [email protected].

How To Prevent Light Trespass in Outdoor Lighting Projects

How To Prevent Light Trespass in Outdoor Lighting Projects

Light trespass is important to consider in any lighting project. Across the United States, many cities and towns require the use of shielded fixtures; full-cutoff fixtures; and comprehensive prevention of light trespass, glare, and light spill. How can you respect these lighting regulations, achieve the light levels you need, and avoid any light pollution or nuisance lighting complications?