A customer from California came to us requesting new light fixtures for his existing pickleball court. The court was currently being used at night at a recreational facility and the old fixtures had finally run their course. Our customer wanted to make the switch to LED due to the efficiency and performance of these fixtures, so we stepped in to help.

Small Challenges, Big Solutions


The existing pickleball court was a standard size, flanked in four places by 18 foot poles that bordered the court. The poles presented a unique challenge to us because unlike most typical square steel poles, these did not have a 2 3/8″ tenon but instead had a unique diameter of close to 2 7/8″. Diameter is important when considering how to mount light fixtures onto a pole because most sports lighters mount via slipfitter onto a 2 3/8″ vertical tenon.

Another request was that the fixtures provided little glare to neighboring pedestrians and areas, while still maintaining a reasonable amount of light on the court. We suggested the APTA 240, which produces over 160 lumens per watt. This fixture has custom optics including backlight shielding to prevent glare and focus light only where it is needed — on the court itself. We also suggested getting bird spikes since the pickleball court is close to the ocean where plenty of opportunistic and messy seagulls live.

The customer decided to purchase four APTA 240 fixtures from us to affix to his current poles, but there was one problem left. The size of the pole was not standard and would require a reducer in order to snugly fit a slipfitter atop it. We did some research and were able to find our customer four appropriate reducers in order to narrow the poles down to the required 2 3/8″.


The end result? A very happy customer with a brand new, brightly-lit pickleball court that will save him money and last for years and years. To shop pickleball court lighting, click here or call 800-468-9925 to request a quote or a photometric analysis.