Volleyball Court – 30fc & 1.94 max/min, 4 APTA 240s, 20′ Poles


EXTREME-LIFE: APTA LED lights are L70 @ 250,000 hours & are IP-67 rated. This means that after 250,000 hours, this fixture will still emit 70% or greater of its original lumens, and it is impervious to dust and torrential rain being able to withstand total immersion for 30 minutes

Competition Level: This package delivers club level/competition level lighting with an abundant average of 30 footcandles and very even lighting demonstrated by a very low max/min of 1.94

Dark Sky: Employing premium optics, this lighting is full cutoff minimizing any uplight. It is Dark Sky compliant when ordered with 3000 Kelvin LEDs. Backlight shielding reduces light trespass behind the poles too.


  • 4) APTA 240 Sports Lighters
  • 2) 20-ft 4″ x 4″ 11-ga Steel Poles
  • 2) Twin Bull Horns


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  • CRI measures color balanced to display the colors we expect to see. 65-70 is recommended for most sports. The NFL recommends 90 for television broadcast.
  • Select from this option and we will ship your anchor bolts and mounting hardware right away. If we can ship everything in 2-4 weeks, we will refund you this amount.

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Weight 100 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 in
Light Source

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Typically ships in 6-8 weeks.

Available Finishes

Black, Bronze, Gray, White


700mA Driver

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

70+, 80+, 90+


APTA Sports Light, Bullhorn, Pole, Pole Base Cover, Pole Mounting Kit, Slip Fitter Mount


Complete Sports Light Package, Wet location


Die-cast aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant polyester powder. Finish meets 1,000-hour salt-spray certification per ASTM B117/ISO 9227:2012. Modular LED design with IP67 rating.


Type 4 – T4SB, Type 4 Medium

Light Source Lumens



IP67, CB, CE, CuL Listed, RoHS, UL Listed


Slip Fitter on Double Bullhorn

Product Family


Rated Life

L70 @ 250,000 Hours

Sports Level of Play

Club, Competition

Pole Height

20 Feet

Number of Fixtures


Number of Poles



5-Year Limited Warranty

Number of Courts


Average Footcandles


Max/Min Uniformity



120v, 208v, 240v, 277v

Access Fixtures Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting is full cutoff and with 3000K LEDs is Dark Sky compliant. It produces 30 fc with a 1.97 Max/Min and is a good choice for club-level or competition volleyball. It features:

  • 4) APTA 240 Sports Lighters with slip fitter mounts
  • (2) Twin Bull Horns
  • 2) 20-ft 4" x 4" 11-gauge Straight Square Steel Poles
  • 30 FC Average Footcandles
  • 1.94 Light Uniformity (max/min footcandles)
  • Photometric Report
  • IP67-Rated withstands the dust, torrential rain, and even total immersion for up to 30 minutes.

Whether you're interested in setting up volleyball court lighting at home, establishing a club-level volleyball, or building a professional volleyball venue for competition, Access Fixtures is your premier expert in volleyball court lighting.

Precision Design for Optimal Light Levels

Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting 20-ft Poles - 30fc, 1.94 max/min is designed for a standard volleyball court measuring 30 ft. wide x 60 ft. long. This club-level package provides 30 average footcandles and has full cutoff optics. With 3000K LEDs it meets Dark Sky standards. This achieves a noteworthy max/min (uniformity) ratio of 1.94, which assures light is evenly spread across the entire playing area. A max/min uniformity of 3 or less is considered good: the lower the ratio number, the better uniformity. Best of all, it features only two poles, making it truly affordable.

Reliable Energy-Efficient LED Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting

The Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting come with weatherproof, energy-efficient, LED EXTREME-LIFE, APTA sport lights. The modular construction features modules that are all but indestructible, however, if ever the need might arise, each module can be to be replaced individually.

  • Luminaires: APTA 240 LED Sport Lights
  • Number of Luminaires: 4
  • Fixture Wattage: 237w
  • Rated Life (L70): 250,000+ Hours
  • Optics: Type 4 medium beam
  • Weight: 20.5 lbs each luminaire
  • Dimensions: 647cm (25.47") x 446cm (17.75") x 82cm (3.23")
  • Housing: Die-cast aluminum housing with corrosion-resistant polyester powdercoat. Finish meets 1,000-hour salt-spray certification per ASTM B117/ISO 9227:2012. Modular LED design with IP67 rating.
  • Listings: IP67, UL Listed, CuL Listed, RoHS, ENEC, CB, CB, IK08
  • Dimming: 0-10v dimming included in all fixtures.
  • Backlight Shield: to minimize light trespass, Included
  • Voltage Compatibility: 120-277v
  • Warranty: 5-Year Warranty
  • Surge Protection: (optional)  

High-Strength 20-foot Square Steel Poles

The straight square steel poles used in this package ships come complete with a mounting template, base plates, anchor bolts, and base covers. For volleyball courts located in high-wind areas, e.g., Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, the Caribbean, and most coastal areas, ask us about EPA ( Effective Projected Area) wind ratings and wind tolerances for each setup. Installations in these areas may require heavier poles or alternate designs. Our engineers can provide data and pole recommendations for any location. As specs can affect lead time and pricing, it is best to call first.

  • Number of Poles: 2
  • Pole Height: 20 Feet
  • Shaft Size: 4” x 4”
  • Gauge: 11-Gauge
  • Installation: Anchor-Based
  • Number of Anchor Bolts: 4 per pole
  • Base Plate Dimensions: 10.5 x 10.5” x .75” thickness
  • Base Plate Anchor Bolt Circle: 8”-11” diameter
  • Anchor Bolt Dimensions: M22 x 33”
  • Weight: 205 lbs each pole, 410 lbs total
  • Tenon: 2 ⅜” Tenon
  • Finish: Baked-on, textured, architectural bronze finish.
  • Base Cover: Square 10.75” x 10.75” x 5” 2-piece steel base cover
  • Hand Hole: Cast-iron-reinforced hand hole with cover
  • Specifications: Conforms to ASTM-A 500 Grade B. Minimum yield strength of 46,000 PSI.

Secure Mounting

This package mounts two fixtures on each pole tenon using a twin square vertical tenon. For more information about the fixtures, mounts, or the poles in this package, call 800-468-9925 or send us an email at customerservice@accessfixtures.com.

Prompt Delivery of Your Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting Package

Everything in this 2-pole Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting package typically ships in 2-4 weeks. Even with these custom-built fixtures, we are almost always able to meet or exceed this estimated window. We’ll ship your poles from the factory location closest to you. Stock does fluctuate, so call 800-468-9925 for an exact lead time.

Access Fixtures Volleyball Lighting Provides Exactly What You Need

We at Access Fixtures want to make sure you buy with confidence and that you get the perfect volleyball court for your particular site. We’ve designed court lighting for HOAs, clubs and schools, as well as recreational courts throughout the US and the Caribbean. While volleyball courts are standardized, few will have identical needs. Some regions have local ordinances regulating light trespass, glare, and light pollution. Packages for coastal regions benefit from adaptations to compensate for wind, salt spray, or local weather conditions. If you have any questions, our helpful lighting specialists in Worcester, MA are available to walk you through your volleyball court LED lighting project. Give us a call today at 800-468-9925 to discuss your project. You can also email us at customerservice@accessfixtures.com.

Access Fixtures Warranty

Access Fixtures is proud to assemble high quality, long lasting lighting products which are covered by a 5-year warranty. In accordance with our warranty policy, we will offer repair, replacement, or refund for qualifying claims. Please contact our friendly customer service team, located in Worcester, MA, to address any questions or concerns you may have. We can be reached at 800-468-9925 Monday-Friday 9-5 EST or via email at sales@accessfixtures.com. Click here to view Access Fixtures' complete warranty policy.

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