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3000 Kelvin LED Light Fixtures

LED light fixtures with 3000 Kelvin LEDs emit a neutral white or warm white light. While indoors, 3000 Kelvin provides a warm white light similar to a halogen light bulb. 3000 Kelvin is generally the most preferred Kelvin for indoor residential and hospitality lighting.

Outdoors, 3000 Kelvin is used for general lighting applications and for some Dark Sky lighting applications. DarkSky recommends 3000 Kelvin LEDs or below for dark sky regulations. 3000 Kelvin light fixtures are more common, emit a whiter light, and have higher lumen per watt (LPW) output, as compared to LED light fixtures with lower Kelvin. Consequently, 3000 Kelvin is a common choice for dark sly lighting applications where regulations permit them.

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