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Parking lots need to be well lit. Sometimes when I, need to park or retrieve my car late at night, I simply wouldn’t feel safe walking around an unlit or poorly lit parking lot.


There are many considerations when one is looking to light a parking lot. What type of fixture is best? Which type of light? Well, there are a few different ways to approach these questions. Traditionally, metal halide or high pressure sodium lights have been used for many types of parking lots. They are a simple and effective solution to disperse light over large spaces. These lights, however, are being utilized less as individuals and businesses are more conscious than ever of green technologies and the reduction of energy costs.


LEDs are great for parking lots, especially ones that cover large areas, because of their incredible energy efficiency and long life. For businesses, LEDs can even mean rebates from a variety of rebate programs aimed at encouraging environmentally friendly business and construction practices.


Many companies, including large companies like Walmart, have recently begun utilizing LED lights for parking lots and other applications. Switching to LEDs is a wonderful way for companies to reduce their energy consumption. Although many are hesitant because of the high initial cost of switching to LEDs, over the lifetime of the fixtures companies can save money when compared to other, less green, lighting options.. Read more about Walmart’s switch to LEDs here.


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