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Access Fixtures proudly presents a full series of parking lot lighting solutions. Our parking lot luminaires are completely assembled in America with domestic ballasts and bulbs.

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Our parking lot lighting is offered in Pulse Start Metal Halide, Electronic HID, High Pressure Sodium, and LED. There are a number of available options for parking lot lighting that accommodate applications such as roadways, parking lots, and parks as well as help meet local regulations.

Major retailers have established strict specifications and monitor the status of their parking lot light levels to ensure that nothing prevents potential customers from entering their facilities. Proper parking lot lights are essential for closed-circuit security cameras and also do a great deal in discouraging agitators. If you are designing a parking lot and you need lighting solutions, we have the answers for you.

The minimum recommended light intensity in parking lots is 1 foot-candle. In areas where there is potential damage to vehicles, 2 foot-candles is recommended. These standards are averages, although no area in the parking lot should have less than a quarter of the average light intensity. Some areas of the parking lot–loading zones, entrances, exits and even marketing signs–can be lighted to an illumination of 5 foot-candles or more.

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