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Do you need assistance with a lighting project? In our new video, merchandising manager, Lindsey Allen, describes Access Fixtures’ Photometric Analysis. With this software, lighting specialists can provide recommendations regarding type and number of luminaires.

Photometric analyses are a great way to view a possible lighting solution and the light output over a given area prior to purchasing luminaires. Using the software, a property layout can be designed including: poles, buildings, trees, cars and other objects that may impact the direction of the light or the illumination of the property. The software then calculates the light levels based upon the input data and provides a comprehensive layout. The results present foot-candle measurements at given points across the property, as well as average measurements for the property as a whole. Access Fixtures has completed unique photometric analyses for projects such as public parks, led sports lighting, exterior of buildings, walkways, etc.

Photometric analyses prevent extra cost and frustration of having to alter the lighting after it is purchased. Click here to learn more about out photometric analyses and to watch the video.


Wall packs on the exterior of a building


Sports lighting for six tennis courts


Interior of a cinder-block building


Public park and playground


Walkway illuminated by bollard lights