Pickleball Court LightingNEW Pickleball Court LED Lighting Designs, Photometric Studies, Packages

Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, today announced the launch of new Pickleball Court LED Lighting designs, photometric studies, and packages. There are three options in total: one, featuring one APTA 360 LED light fixture on either side of a court, for a total of two fixtures; another, featuring two APTA 360 LED light fixtures on either side of a court, for a total of four fixtures; and a third featuring one APTA 480 LED light fixture at either end of a court, for a total of two fixtures. The third option allows for the lighting of a pickleball court whilst minimizing interruption of the view from your house, deck, or patio. Each of these lighting solutions deliver over 30 footcandles of light while maintaining a low max/min ratio, in each case exceeding the USA Pickleball Association’s lighting standards. These fixtures are available in standard sports Kelvins, 4000K or 5000K, as well as 2200K and 3000K options, satisfying most Dark Sky compliance requirements. 


The APTA’s exceptional heat sink design facilitates an EXTREME-LIFE rating of L70, providing over 200,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free lighting performance. These fixtures also possess a variety of durability maximizing features: they are IP66 waterproof rated, IK10 rated for impact resistance, vibration resistant, surge protected up to 10ka, and have a 5000-hour rated marine-grade finish for salt spray exposure. On top of being extremely durable, they are also lightweight and have a very low Effective Projected Area, reducing pole requirements in windy, hurricane-prone areas. The LEDs are mounted to each pole via a slip fitter. The 20’ square poles are sturdy and durable, with a minimum yield strength of 46,000 PSI. They are constructed with high strength steel and feature a powdercoat finish. 


“In offering these packages, Access Fixtures are delighted to play their part in developing facilities for pickleball, North America’s fastest growing sport”, said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “These lighting solutions are specifically designed to create the ideal lighting environment for players and spectators alike, and are therefore the perfect choice for those seeking to develop USA Pickleball Association-compliant pickleball courts”. 


A variety of additional extras are available to tailor each package to your precise needs. These fixtures are available in black, gray, bronze, white and green colors as standard, with custom RAL colors available subject to minimum order quantities. APTA LEDs are also dimmable, with a 0-10v dimming option available at no extra cost. There is a choice of two voltage options: 120-277v and 347-480v. Efficiency enhancing extras are also available, such as a microwave motion sensor which ensures that the LEDs only illuminate when people are present, and a photocell which ensures that the LEDs only turn on when natural light levels are low. To protect the fixtures from outside interference, bird spikes and vandal resistant screws are available. A five-year warranty comes as standard with these packages, with a 10-year warranty available for a small additional fee.


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