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As summer gets into full swing, many of us are still trying to catch up on that ‘beach body’ ideal. We’re not the only ones trying for a better look. Planet Fitness recently approached Access Fixtures about finding a new lighting design for their Lafayette and Baton Rouge facilities.

Planet Fitness is a chain of exercise outlets, famous for their welcoming attitude and for having the most up to date fitness equipment. Now, their facilities are a little brighter with the most up to date LED luminaires from Access Fixtures. Previously, the gyms were using 250w metal halide high bays with a rated life of 20,000 hours. For a facility that caters to the long work days of most American fitness nuts, the energy costs and limited longevity of these fixtures was simply not working out.

Access Fixtures representative, Dan Rodriquez, suggested a 100w LED high bay luminaire to replace the current fixtures. With a CRI of 80+ and an acrylic reflector, Dan, assured them that the light would be bright enough to illuminate the entire space without being too harsh. The fixtures also include a diffuser, so that patrons attempting moves like the bench press would not be blinded as they look up at the ceiling.

With lower energy costs and maintenance hours in mind, the Planet Fitness facility managers agreed that LED would be the best route to take. LEDs have a rated life of 100,000 hours and are much more energy efficient than traditional lighting, such as metal halide. The long life and reliable operating capacity will virtually eliminate maintenance costs.