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Access Fixtures received a call from a resident in a Texas community looking to light China Spring High School’s four existing tennis courts. The challenge? Poles and lights could only be placed along the perimeter of the four courts because they were not willing to dig up and resurface the courts. This means Access Fixtures could not place a pole in between any of the courts to make lighting the space easier.

The solution provided to the school used two different fixtures due to the challenge of only lighting from the perimeter. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist was able to use a mix of sports lighters and flood lights to light the court. 1000w pulse start-metal halide lamps and ballasts were used in all fixtures. Sports lighters were used to direct the light across the courts while the flood lights were used to direct light down and light the sides of the courts.

This is an unconventional design. Typically, only one light fixture is used, but in this case it made more sense to approach the design with two types of light fixtures to reduce the number required while maintaining even, bright, quality light. Below you will see an image of the courts as well as the lay-out that was provided to the customer.



The China Spring High School tennis courts




The layout provided to the customer after an Access Fixtures lighting specialist completed a photometric analysis