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The answer is yes! Access Fixtures received a call from a customer looking to light an outdoor RC racetrack. Before we could light the track we had to understand: what is an RC racetrack? After a short discussion with the customer, the lighting specialists at Access Fixtures learned that there are racetracks set-up to accommodate gas and nitro fueled racing remote controlled cars and trucks. Want to see RC’s race? Check out this video.

This client called needing light on a 130’x80‘ track to help extend the use of the track beyond daylight hours. Lighting specialists had to design the layout using 2 existing 34-foot poles placed on either end of the track. The goal was to reach an average of 24 foot candles on the race track; approximately ten times the light of your average parking lot. This bright of a light level was selected because the race cars needed to be visible to operators as well as onlookers, even at speeds of eighty miles per hour or more.

Access Fixtures provided a solution using 1000w Pulse Start-Metal Halide Sports Lighters. The layout accommodated eight fixtures, four on each pole. The lights were set at such an angle that the race track had a very even light and the average foot candles across the court was 23.95. This proposed solution provides enough light to keep the track and race cars visible even on the darkest nights without blinding drivers or obstructing the view of bystanders.

Stay tuned for an update on this and other unique lighting projects solved by Access Fixtures.