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replacement football field lightingBy this time next week, autumn, the season of school supplies, colorful foliage, and football, will have officially begun. In preparation for the fall season, the Madison Heights High School in Michigan sought to replace their old metal halide football field lighting. Keen Technical Solutions, LLC, the electrical contractors hired to manage the replacement, contacted Access Fixtures for an affordable replacement option for lighting the football field.

Replacing Old, Flickering Metal Halide Sports Lighting

High school sports are an important part of any community, providing a reason for locals to get together and celebrate with each other. The school’s top priority for replacing the lights was to provide a safe, well-lit environment for both the student athletes and the fans.

The original football field lighting was comprised of 1500w metal halide fixtures, which had reached the end of their useful life. As metal halide fixtures age, they tend to flicker and burn out. The color rendering index (CRI) of the light degrades, becoming too dim to be useful, particularly on a large football field like the one at Madison Heights. The school wanted to ensure the football field would have enough lighting for evening practices and games as the new school year got under way.

Affordable Metal Halide Sports Lighting Replacement

The electrical contractors came to Access Fixtures for an affordable and expedient lighting solution. A prior vendor had failed to deliver on their promises, and now the high school was in a difficult position: they needed to replace the football field lighting quickly and affordably. The beginning of the school year was fast approaching, and they wanted the replacement football field lighting to be delivered and installed ASAP.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists helped them choose affordable 1500w USA Metal Halide Sports Lighters to replace the burnt-out fixtures. Meeting the delivery date for the fixtures would be difficult, so our specialists worked closely with the warehouse and delivery services to ensure the replacement 1500w metal halide football field lighting would be received well before the school year began.

Thanks to the personalized attention from the Access Fixtures team, the Madison Heights High School received their replacement football field lighting in time for practices to begin! Is your high school or public football field lighting beginning to flicker and dim? Call an Access Fixtures specialist today!