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WORCESTER, Mass., Dec. 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Satellite Self Storage, a full-service self-storage facility in New Jersey, reduced energy use by 56% by replacing existing high pressure sodium luminaires with Access Fixtures 40w LED wall packs. Because the new LED wall packs have excellent color rendering and emit white light instead of the yellow high pressure sodium color, the area looks better, has improved visibility and customers feel safer too. Replacing 74 wall packs, Satellite Self Storage estimates new wall packs will almost eliminate maintenance and save over $2,000.00 each year.

“We were renovating the facility and didn’t like the outdated high pressure sodium luminaires, which provided poor light quality and used a lot of energy,” said Satellite Self Storage general manager Andrea Yerves. She continued, “The LED wall packs provide much better light, look better, require little to no maintenance, and save a lot of energy too.”

Satellite Self Storage replaced seventy-four 70w high pressure sodium wall packs with 40w LED wall packs, saving 51 watts per wall pack. Electricity in northern New Jersey is $0.188 per kWh. Each wall pack saves 51 watts as compared to the HPS wall packs replaced. Assuming the wall packs are on twelve hours a day, seven days a week, the LED wall packs will save $3,130 per year. Access Fixtures lighting specialists provide solutions for commercial, industrial and municipal facilities that require superior lighting that maintains light levels, reduces maintenance and energy, and operates for long durations of time. Contact Access Fixtures to learn how Access Fixtures LED lighting can work for you.

About Satellite Self Storage Satellite Self Storage is a privately-owned, full-service storage organization with three locations in Eastern Monmouth County, NJ – Ocean, Middletown, Shrewsbury, and has been a fixture in Monmouth County for numerous years. Satellite Self Storage’s courteous and knowledgeable staff can recommend related storage services that can help make renting a space an easy and pleasant experience.

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