A customer from Delray Beach, Florida contacted Access Fixtures wanting to light his backyard where his family enjoys a tennis court, a volleyball court, and a plot of land where the kids play soccer. Once the sun went down even though the weather was still beautiful, his family would have no choice but to return indoors. With proper lighting, the games could extend into the nighttime.

An Access Fixtures lighting specialist conducted a photometric analysis to determine the best way to light the backyard sport courts. Since the customer opted for LED, the lighting specialist used six poles surrounding the tennis court and six 378w LED sports lighters facing the tennis court. An additional two 378w LED sports lighters were placed on the center pole on one side of the tennis court in order to light the adjacent volleyball court. A 567w LED sports lighter was placed on another pole facing away from the tennis court to illuminate the soccer field.

Although only six poles were installed around the tennis court, they were also used to mount the sports lighters for the volleyball court and soccer field. Killing three birds with one stone, this enabled the customer to achieve the proper illumination for the three activities without having to install additional poles.

LED is an energy-efficient and long-lasting alternative to traditional lighting technologies like pulse-start metal halide. Rated LM70 at 100,000 hours, the luminaires require virtually no maintenance through more than a decade of use. Since it is a directional light source, LED also minimizes light pollution and light trespass, ensuring that the light will not spill onto a neighbor’s property.

To find the best lighting for your sports lighting project, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.