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Access Fixtures offers a variety of sports lighting, including tennis court lighting designed and tailored to fit custom tennis courts. Recently, Access Fixtures built a custom double tennis court package for a gated community on Key Colony Beach in the Florida Keys.

The package was designed for a double tennis court in an area accustomed to strong hurricanes. Because of this, Access Fixtures used eight 25-foot poles with higher gauge steel for advanced wind resistance. Each pole is topped with two 1000w pulse-start metal halide fixtures. Pulse-start metal halide is the latest in HID lighting, using 33% less energy with the equivalent light output to an older 1,500w metal halide fixture. Pulse-start metal halide lamps use only two electrical contacts and contain an igniter inside the ballast pod. The pulse-start fixtures offer rapid restrike time and better color renditioning as the lamp ages.  They are ideal for effectively lighting tennis courts with their extreme amounts of clear white light. Learn more about the benefits of pulse-start metal halide lighting here.

Check out the photos below to see Key Colony’s tennis court under Access Fixtures lighting!


At night, the double tennis court is safely illuminated under Access Fixtures tennis court lighting.


The pulse-start metal halides produce extreme amounts of white light.


The tennis court lighting package includes 25-feet poles with pulse-start metal halide fixtures.


Each pole has multiple fixtures.

Each tennis court lighting package is analyzed using photometric software to test the light and distribution levels. Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to discuss custom configurations for your tennis court. Click here to learn more.