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When it gets dark early, light those tennis courts up and let the competition begin!

1. Facilitate late afternoon and evening competition

Tennis court lighting enables student athletes to compete even after the sun goes down. When daylight savings time ends, it gets dark early restricting time for competitions. Without tennis court lights it is impossible to play when dusk comes around, making it difficult to finish a game after dark.

2. Increase practice time

Competitive student athletes know it is very important to practice, yet frequently tennis courts at high schools are limited with several teams sharing training time on courts. Building new tennis courts is expensive. Lighting existing courts cost less. Lighting tennis courts increases the length of time tennis courts can be used creating more practice time.

3. Enhance recruitment and retention

Students are drawn to and stay at high schools that feature lit tennis courts. Top players want and need expanded seasons, more practice time, and sufficient lighting to compete during games. High schools with tennis court lights demonstrate their commitment to student athletes and to supporting tennis as a sport.

4. Bring positive attention to school programs

Tennis court lighting enhances and showcases a community’s support for students in the community and provides functionality that enables high school tennis players to excel. In turn, a positive community attitude about local schools draws in potential citizens increasing demand for real estate and expanding the local tax base.

5. Encourage community use

When the high schools aren’t using the tennis courts, lighted tennis courts can be used by the community, and everybody benefits. Examples of community use are adult education programs, fitness programs and tennis leagues. Also, students can used lit tennis courts after hours for fun and fitness. Tennis court lights expand the hours the community can take advantage of the tennis courts.

To learn how more about tennis court lighting for your high school go to or contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 888.521.2582.