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The exceptional new HAMA LED exterior cylinder light can be an uplight LED wall pack, a downlight LED wall pack, or an up and downlight LED wall pack. This newest addition to the Access Fixtures lineup of LED wall packs is available in architectural bronze or black and features 4100K LEDs rated LM70 at 50,000 hours. These features make the HAMA LED wall pack so versatile.


Is This an Uplight LED Wall Pack?view-hama-uplight-led-wall-pack

Is the HAMA an uplight LED wall pack? Yes. One model of the HAMA LED exterior cylinder light sends light in only one direction. With its IP67 rating, the HAMA is CSA rated for wet locations. By mounting the HAMA so the LED diode faces upward, 1,750+ lumens of LED light is emitted up the side of the building. It is an uplight.

Click to view the HAMA Uplight LED Wall Pack.


Is This an LED Downlight Wall Pack?

Is the HAMA an LED downlight wall pack with full-cutoff optics? Yes. When positioned so the LED diode faces down, 1,750+ lumens of LED light is emitted downward, providing high-CRI light to illuminate plantings and walkways for safe egress. The HAMA is an LED wall pack that emits a significant amount of light, is architecturally interesting, and has a very low price.

Click to view the HAMA LED Downlight Wall Pack.view-led-cylinder-wall-pack-uplight-led-wall-pack


Can the HAMA LED Wall Pack Emit Light Up and Down at the Same Time?

Can the HAMA LED Wall Pack emit light up and down at the same time? Yes. We have a model that has a chip on board (COB) on both the top and the bottom. Consequently, this version emits light up and down. Employing two 20-watt LEDs, the HAMA Uplight LED WAll Pack – LED Downlight wall pack uses minimal total system watts while emitting 3,350+ lumens.

Click to view the HAMA LED Uplight – Downlight Wall Pack.


HAMA LED Exterior Cylinder Light Optics

All HAMA LED exterior cylinder light fixtures can be ordered with either 70-degree beam spreads or 100-degree beam spreads. The HAMA uplight – downlight wall pack can be ordered in with a mix of 70 degrees up and 100 degree beam spread down or vise versa. A 100-degree beam spread mounted at about 12 feet will cover more of the ground/surface area with even light. The 70-degree beam spread causes the light to travel farther. This version can send light up multiple stories of a building to create architectural interest. You may specify your preference of beam spread using the dropdown menu when ordering.

Click to view the HAMA LED Uplight – Downlight Wall Pack.



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