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LED bollard lightWORCESTER, MA, July 2017—Access Fixtures releases new, revolutionary, lens-free LED bollard lights. Designing these units to be lens-free has made them harder to vandalize and removes any risk of condensation. Additionally, the LEDs in the VAND LED bollards are IP65 rated and the housings are built of sturdy, die-cast aluminum. Ideal for illuminating pathways, sidewalks, commercial facilities, and more, these durable and weather-ready units will provide excellent performance and light output for years. Choose from 25w or 35w options for light output of up to 2,100 lumens per fixture. Their clean-cut louvers ensure light is direct down and out around the fixture.

These LED bollards are much harder to break or vandalize than other bollards. This also means no risk of condensation within the head of the units, which is a common problem in LED fixtures. The LED chips are IP65 rated against water and dust and are arranged at the top of the bollard head to direct light in a 360-degree circle. The standard Kelvin temperature is 4000K, though 3000K and 5000K are also available. The VAND bollard lights will automatically detect line voltages between 120v and 277v and are rated for 50,000+ hours.

Anchor bolts, a mounting template, a base plate, and all the nuts and washers you’ll need are included in each order.

LED bollard light“Condensation and vandalism are two of the most common issues with LED bollard lights,” says operations manager at Access Fixtures. “VAND fixtures proactively combat both. The fortitude and light output of these units make them affordable options for churches, sidewalks, HOAs, and elsewhere.”

Are you looking for high-performing, cost-conscious, and vandal-resistant LED bollards? Look no further than the Access Fixtures VAND LED bollard light family. To find out if these are suitable for your project, speak to a lighting member of the Access Fixtures team today at 800-468-9925.

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