Here at Access Fixtures, we provide LED bollard lights to different types of customers for many different applications. Our brilliant VENU model is a versatile bollard light choice for any outdoor lighting application. This past spring, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) facilities in both Jacksonville and Tampa, FL chose our new VENU bollards to light their facilities. NOAA was looking to provide even lighting on the pathways outside both facilities without creating too much of a light trespass issue, and the VENU 25w LED bollard lights solved their problem perfectly.


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25w Bollard Light

NOAA facility in Jacksonville, FL.

25w Bollard Light

NOAA facility in Tampa, FL.


Commercial LED Bollards: Cone Reflectors or Louvers?

Since NOAA chose our VENU bollards with the specialized cone reflector, we figured we should break down exactly why these optics are so special. VENU bollards are available in both louvered styles and cone-reflector styles. See the images below for a photometric analysis comparison of what the different optics look like on these bollards.


As you can see from the graphics, the light distributed by one louvered 25w bollard light appears to direct itself down and away from the fixture itself. The cone reflector model disperses the light horizontally. Louvered optics produce a more subtle and gradual reach of light while the cone reflector model delivers higher footcandles closer to the fixture itself. Optics are usually simply a matter of preference, however, louvered bollards work especially well in areas with heavy vehicle traffic. This is because the light shining down is less distracting to drivers than other optic types.

VENU Bollard Other Features and Options

Aside from the choice of cone reflector or louvered optics, VENU bollards also come with a variety of options to help you better customize your bollard light buying experience:

  • Choice of 25w or 35w
  • Dome-top or flat-top round style
  • 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K
  • Architectural bronze, black, or custom RAL color


All VENU bollard lights are rated L70 at 50,000 hours and produce over 2,000 luminaire lumens. They are universally 42″ tall with a sturdy 8″ diameter and include mounting templates and anchor bolts for easy installation. Access Fixtures strongly recommends that installation is completed by a licensed electrician.

Need a Photometric Analysis for Your Project?

A photometric analysis is a computer simulation of a particular project. Whether using these fixtures to illuminate a parking lot, athletic field, rail yard, dock, or something else entirely, a photometric analysis is an easy way to quantify your light levels before making a big purchase. This service will provide average footcandles, max/min (uniformity) ratios, minimum footcandles, light trespass levels, and more. When the report(s) are generated, a lighting specialist will walk you through them, page by page, so you know exactly what you will be receiving. Call us at 800-468-9925 or email [email protected] for more information about ordering a photometric analysis for your project.

Ready to Order a VENU LED Bollard Light or Speak to a Lighting Specialist?

If you need some additional information about this fixture, give us a call at 800-468-9925. Of course, you can place your order online, right here, but our team is available to answer any questions that may come up. Does your project require multiple fixtures? Ask us about quantity discounts. We are here to provide anything you need to purchase fixtures and illuminate your project with confidence.