Wall Packs

Outdoor commercial wall packs are available with LED, screw-in CFL, and HID lamp types. Commercial wall packs come in various housings to suit your application and can be custom finished in your choice of color. Wall packs are great for area and accent lighting in commercial and industrial locations. For more information, check out our LED Wall Packs page!

Commercial Wall Packs – Styles, Sizes, and Applications

Wall pack light fixtures or luminaires are exterior grade light fixtures that are ideal for illuminating walkways,streets, and driveways adjacent to buildings. Wall packs are typically mounted on the sides of buildings, but are sometimes able to be pole mounted too. Beyond being functional by emitting light, many of these fixtures also provide aesthetic value. Stylized wall packs can make a building architecturally interesting. Wall packs distribute light in three basic patterns. Standard wall packs distribute light out and down. Semi and full cutoff wall packs distribute light only down. Up-down wall packs distribute light up and down, using the light to see as well a light to see by. There is quite a bit to consider when purchasing these fixtures.

Commercial Wall Packs – Construction

Architectural Wall Pack Light

Our architectural up/down wall pack installed at a Golden Chick restaurant.

Access Fixtures high quality wall pack housings are constructed of cast aluminum and treated with a chromate conversion coating to deter corrosion. A powder coat finish is then applied to the wall pack to provide a durable paint covering.

Inside the housing of the wall pack is where the electrical components are found. Some wall packs have components that are manufactured outside of the United States. In addition, we offer wall packs that come with components that are made in the USA. This means that the entire wall pack is assembled in the United Stated using brand name components.

Outdoor Wall Packs – Sizing

Wall packs increase with size for two reasons, to achieve a design and to house higher lumen output systems. While design would seem obvious, the later may not. The same wall pack design may frequently be manufactured in different sizes to house higher wattage, higher lumen emitting light systems. Increased size fits larger lamps and ballasts. Also, more space inside the luminaire help to reduce heat and the effect of heat on the ballast. Increasing the overall size or adding a deeper box to the back of the luminaire can achieve an increase in size.

Outdoor Wall Packs – Lamp Types

Custom painted round wall pack

Our CIRC wall pack can be custom painted to match any aesthetic.

There are four types of lighting technology to choose from when purchasing wall packs: high pressure sodium, pulse start-metal halide, compact fluorescent, and LED. Each option works well in some situations and may not work as well in others. There is no best option, so choose the option that best fits your needs.

Light Pollution

When choosing a wall pack, you should consider the three components of light pollution: light glare, light trespass, and sky glow. Light glare is the harsh, uncomfortable brightness that light fixtures sometimes produce. Light trespass is the amount of light that exceeds the boundaries of a given area, such as a flood light that lights up a neighbor’s property. Sky glow is the amount of light emitted upwards that illuminates the night sky.

Many regions require property owners to meet certain standards regarding light pollution, particularly if you are in a city of urban area where dark sky compliance is a concern. In these situations, wall packs should be full cutoff, ensuring that light is emitted either downward or slightly forward. This prevents light from shining upwards into the sky or into surrounding properties.

Vandal Resistant Wall Packs

LG LED Wall Pack

Vandal resistant wall packs use LG LED light modules to prevent breakage.

The vandal resistant LED wall packs use traditional designs that architects and designers are familiar with, but stead of using glass on the front of the fixture, the entire fixture is encased in heavy-duty aluminum. Removing the glass leaves nothing to break, but it means the light engines have to be included in a new way. Access Fixtures was able to take LG LED modules and install them over pre-driled holes for conduit. This innovative designs keep the lights on to prevent malicious activity and provides an architectural design anyone can enjoy.

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