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tennis court at night

A customer located in the hills near Yosemite National Forest recently contacted Access Fixtures to help him find the best possible lighting upgrade for his residential tennis court. The customer owns an extensive amount of land in the hills near the national park, therefore disturbing any human neighbors was not a concern. However, the customer did want the most environmentally friendly, low cost tennis court lighting— as well as increase energy efficiency.

Due to the remote location and the proximity to the national park, the site has no underground power lines. The customer maintains power on the property via a series of gas generators. The limited power availability made energy efficiency one of his top priorities. An Access Fixtures specialist needed to find a way of lighting the tennis court without risking any interruptions in power distribution to the other appliances in the client’s home.

The lighting specialist was able to suggest one of Access Fixtures LED tennis court lighting packages, which are now featured at reduced pricing. Without strict residential lighting codes limiting pole height, the customer was able to purchase six 25ft poles on which to install the fixtures. He chose a 378w LED Recreational Tennis Court Lighting system with high output 23” LED outdoor flood light luminaires. At 277v, the LED tennis court lighting will use less than 9 amps of power, compared to 21 amps for 1,000w metal halide fixtures.

The customer in Yosemite was able to save energy and cost, both in the future and at the time of installation, with Access Fixtures LED sports lighting. Have you updated your outdoor lighting to LED? Find out how much you could save, call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today!