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Access Fixtures gets calls every day from customers who are looking to solve a unique lighting application.

A recent project involved a customer who wanted to light the entrance to a public pool area using decorative street lighting.

Our lighting specialists were able to provide the appropriate aesthetic the customer was looking for. However, there was one special request.

This customer wanted an additional bracket added to the pole so he would have the ability to hang the “open” or “closed” sign for the pool on the light pole.

Luckily, Access Fixtures can fabricate custom solutions for any project.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists were able to design an additional bracket for the LED decorative street lighting this customer wanted.

This bracket is designed to bolt to an existing pole, allowing the client to adjust the height of the bracket according to his/her needs.

Access Fixtures has lighting specialists standing by to discuss your unique lighting project and help provide any standard or custom solution needed.