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Baseball Field Lighting, Simplified


Baseball is an iconic pastime — both fun to play and fun to watch. It is enjoyed by young and old at all different levels of competition and beloved by millions and millions of people across the world. The construction of a baseball field is often a massive undertaking and requires careful planning in order to meet appropriate standards and dimensions. Lighting a baseball field is no different and requires custom solutions based on the size, location, and level of play on the field. Access Fixtures takes simplifying lighting solutions seriously. Lighting specialists are able to use photometric analyses and experiential knowledge to craft the perfect lighting solutions for any baseball field. Access Fixtures works with end users, property managers, corporations and businesses, municipalities, and departments to deliver the highest quality baseball field lighting that money can buy.



Field Sizes and Lighting Requirements



A World Series game will not require the same amount of footcandles as a Little League game — that much is obvious.  But cutting expenses can sometimes result in inadequate or just plain bad lighting. Sports involving smaller and faster-moving objects must be illuminated more intensely than sports such as soccer with larger objects that generally stay closer to the ground. Due to this, baseball usually requires higher levels of overall lighting than other sports regardless of level of play.

In terms of field sizing, baseball is unique in that there are standard sizes, but this depends entirely on the level of play. A little league baseball field will have very specific dimensions and these dimensions increase in size all the way up to college-level and higher. Field size determines how much light will be required, how many fixtures to use, and where to place the poles. Another factor that can determine pole placement is whether or not there are seats or bleachers. All of this will need to be taken into account before Access Fixtures can create an appropriate lighting solution for a baseball field. 

The chart below reflects common standards of lighting for baseball fields of different play tiers. 

These guidelines have been gathered from several reliable online and print sources. Footcandle recommendations do vary slightly between sources, but this chart reflects the average of or the most commonly utilized guidelines in baseball lighting.

As you can see, infield footcandle levels must always be greater than outfield footcandle levels. This is because most of the direct action and gameplay of baseball takes place between the batter and the pitcher, where visibility must be paramount. Even for recreational-level baseball fields, this lighting regulation must be taken into account.

Max/min ratios are also dependent on the part of the field. A max/min ratio is the average between the maximum amount of horizontal footcandles on a surface and the lowest amount of horizontal footcandles on that same surface. The purpose of the max/min ratio in sports lighting is to determine if there are hot spots, areas of glare, or areas of shadow on a field or surface. A max/min ratio of under 3 is generally considered to be even lighting, whereas a max/min ratio over 3 can indicate spotty areas of light. In baseball lighting, a max/min ratio of 2 is considered acceptable within the infield at any level of play and 2.5 is considered ideal for the outfield. 



APTI: The Best Baseball Field Lighting Fixture


Access Fixtures’ APTI sports lighter is the best option to light any baseball field from Little League fields to collegiate-level play. 

The APTI is an energy-efficient luminaire that emits 125+ luminaire lumens per watt. It is available in multiple wattages and different combinations of these wattages may be used to create a perfectly even lighting layout for a baseball field. In terms of longevity, these LED fixtures knock metal halide sports lighters out of the park. APTI fixtures are L70 rated at over 250,000 hours, compared with metal halide’s 15,000 hours. Sports lighting can be a challenge to replace, it  APTI luminaires feature custom optics, finish, and color temperature.


APTI fixtures are IP67 rated, making them submersible, dustproof, corrosion-proof, and bug-proof. Their modular design means that if one module breaks, the others will still continue to function. This design also makes them incredibly easy to replace. APTI fixtures are guaranteed with an Access Fixtures warranty for five years after the purchase date.

The APTI fixtures can be mounted several different ways on different pole styles. Access Fixtures carries steel, aluminum, and fiberglass poles with a large assortment of mounting options. Mounting equipment and hardware are included with any purchase of a baseball field lighting solution. Depending on the location, customer preference, and amount of fixtures, one might choose one type of pole over another. Generally, questions of design are up to the customer’s discretion. Please note that baseball field lighting should only be installed by a licensed electrician!



Great Lighting is Our Goal

Baseball field lighting just became more convenient than ever. Any baseball field, no matter the level of play, can be lit with long-lasting and efficient LED fixtures. The fastest way to obtain lighting for your baseball field is to request a photometric analysis from Access Fixtures. A photometric analysis will take all the factors of your baseball field into account and generate a computerized report of the lighting on your field with the best available optics and luminaires. This will provide the most accurate and even lighting for your project. Feel free to ask our lighting specialists any questions you may have regarding your baseball field project or any other project.