Best No UV LED Light Fixtures

Let’s get straight to it. What are the best No UV LED Light Fixtures, and what sets each one apart? This compilation is not ranked, as each No UV Light Fixture stands out as the best in its respective category. The key is understanding why each one earns the title of the best in No UV LED Light Fixtures.

Best High Bay No UV LED Light Fixture

The UPTA is engineered with advanced optics and heat management for powerful and dependable No UV LED High Bay Lighting. Ideal for spaces requiring No UV light under 450nm such as some manufacturing facilities and clean rooms. Other commercial/industrial applications with clear heights of 60 feet or more may also require no UV lighting. Featuring patented spill light control for uniform, anti-glare illumination in large areas. Its exceptional heat sink design ensures virtually maintenance-free performance, minimizing downtime and servicing costs.

EXTREME-LIFE: With an outstanding heat sink design, achieves an L70 rating of 200,000 hours, ensuring virtually maintenance-free performance for years.

Flawless Light: Offers advanced optics and high color rendering up to Ra>90 for premium anti-glare illumination.

No UV – No Light Below 450nm: Utilizes broad-spectrum no-UV technology, guaranteeing no UV light or degradation EVER.

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UPTA Best High Bay No UV LED Light Fixture

Best Troffer No UV LED Light Fixture

FLAT is the best troffer No UV LED light fixture that eliminates UV light and offers a broad spectrum, flicker-free solution. With a spectrum free of light under 450nm, it supports high-speed photography with its flicker-free operation. The FLAT model also features an L70 rating at an impressive 200,000 hours, requiring minimal maintenance. Compatible with various control systems, including dimmable options, it is IP67-rated for clean rooms, ensuring sealed and submersible functionality. Its low-profile design seamlessly integrates into commercial-grade clean room grid ceilings.

Select the light spectrum to optimize your facility lighting: The 590nm Amber matches the typical spectrum of gold tube and filter technology. 590nm Amber and Green LEDs increase the spectrum and lumens per watt. The 590nm Amber and Red LEDs increase the spectrum on the high end of the spectrum. The 590nm Amber, Green, and Red LEDs provide the broadest No UV light spectrum.

Select the optics to match your requirements: Clear glass, Clear polycarbonate, and Frosted polycarbonate.

Select the watts to maximize light output and LED life: 120 watts, or 160 watts.

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FLAt and FLYT 120&160 NO UV

Best No UV LED Light Fixture That Replaces T8 Gold Tubes

The EPTA No UV LED linear lights are crafted and engineered to serve various purposes such as task lighting, high bay lighting, directional illumination, and tailored applications. Engineered for robustness and dependability, EPTA boasts exceptional optics and a spill light control design. With its lightweight construction, versatile mounting options, and the ability to link units together, EPTA stands as a versatile lighting solution for diverse needs. This makes it one of the Best No UV LED Light Fixtures that replaces T8 gold tubes.

EXTREME-LIFE: Exceptional heat sink design produces an EXTREME-LIFE rating of L70 @ 200,000 hours for years of virtually maintenance-free performance.
No UV – No Light Below 450nm: This fixture utilizes broad spectrum no-UV technology for no UV light or degradation EVER.
Premium Build: IP66 rated against water jets. This fixture has a 1000-hour salt spray certification and extruded aluminum housing for maximum life and durability.
No UV LED Lighting

No UV LED Light Fixtures – No UV Light Under 450nm Maintenance Frequency

Even The Best No UV LED Light Fixtures, despite their longevity, may require occasional maintenance due to various factors. Several steps can be taken to ensure optimal performance and extended lifespan of the fixtures. Click here to learn more about No UV LED fixture maintenance.

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