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How Often Should A UV Free LED Light Be Replaced?

While you may be familiar with non UV lights that are used as a light therapy lamp in light therapy, the UV free LED light has become popular for their energy efficiency and ability to provide illumination without emitting harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. These lights are commonly used in various settings such as certain production or manufacturing facilities, or clean rooms that use UV curing in their manufacturing process. This creates a comfortable and safe environment for occupants and equally ensures that batches of products are not spoiled during production. This spoilage comes about if sunlight (which contains UV), or is equivalent to uv lighting enters. However, like all lighting fixtures, UV free LED lights require maintenance and eventual replacement to ensure optimal performance and safety. Understanding when and how often to replace UV free LED lights is crucial for maintaining proper lighting quality and efficiency while avoiding potential hazards associated with aging or malfunctioning fixtures.

Factors Influencing The Lifespan And Replacement Of A UV Free LED Light

Efficient maintenance of UV free LED lights necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the factors potentially influencing their lifespan.

Lifespan of UV Free LED Lights

UV free LED lights are known for their long lifespan compared to traditional lighting technologies. On average, high-quality UV Free LED Lights from Access Fixtures last for more than 70,000 hours of operation. However, the actual lifespan can vary based on several factors such as:

  • Operating Conditions: The operating conditions of the LED lights, including temperature, humidity, and voltage fluctuations, can impact their lifespan. Extreme temperatures or high humidity levels may accelerate degradation and shorten the lifespan of the LEDs.
  • Usage Patterns: The frequency and duration of usage also significantly determine the lifespan of UV free LED lights. Lights used for longer periods or subjected to frequent switching on and off may experience faster degradation.
  • Quality of Components: The quality of materials used in manufacturing the LED lights, including the LED chips, driver circuitry, and heat management system, can influence their longevity. Higher-quality components typically result in longer-lasting fixtures.

Signs of Aging or Malfunction

It is essential to monitor UV free LED lights for signs of aging or malfunction, as these can indicate the need for replacement. Common signs include:

  • Decreased Brightness: Diminished brightness or lumen output over time may indicate aging LEDs or driver circuitry issues.
  • Color Shift: Gradual changes in color temperature or color rendering index (CRI) can signify LED degradation.
  • Flickering or Inconsistent Operation: Flickering, flashing, or inconsistent operation of the LED lights may indicate driver failure or loose connections.
  • Physical Damage: Physical damage to the fixture, such as cracked lenses or broken components, warrants immediate replacement to prevent safety hazards.

Replacement Recommendations for UV Free Lighting

Given that UV free LED Lights from Access Fixtures are renowned for their extended lifespan of an L70 rating of 70,000 hours, proactive replacement strategies based on usage and condition are advisable rather than relying on complete failure. Here is a guideline:

  • Where these LED lights are deployed in commercial or industrial environments, enduring continuous operation and challenging surroundings, may necessitate replacement approximately every 5 to 10 years to maintain optimal performance.
  • For applications characterized by standard usage patterns, UV free LED lights with an L70 rating of 70,000 hours typically require replacement every 10 to 15 years, ensuring consistent illumination.
  • Implementing routine maintenance practices, such as fixture cleaning and adequate ventilation, proves instrumental in extending the longevity of UV free LED lights and mitigating factors contributing to premature malfunctioning.

Access Fixtures No UV LED Lights Rarely Requires Replacement


Less Maintenance and Lower Maintenance Expense

Access Fixtures No UV LED lights require low to no maintenance which means more production time and lower cost. The choice of UV free LED light is L70 @ 70,000 hours and No UV LED lights do not have filters that antiquated bulbs or lamps utilized that eventually fail. In addition, these luminaires are IP67-rated, sealed from dust a debris, and are even submersible.


Flicker Free

Any UV free LED light from Access Fixtures does not flicker.


Infinite On-Off Cycles

A UV free LED light can handle infinite on-off cycles and are even flashable.


No Compromised Production Runs Even When Power Goes Out

When a filter fails on a traditional lamp or guard on a traditional bulb, the production run is compromised, and the entire production run might need to be scrapped. No UV LED lights never emit UV light and they don’t emit UV light. UV free LED light fixtures from Access Fixtures even include a No UV emergency egress feature, ensuring that during a blackout, the emergency backup generates light without UV components, as opposed to a conventional white light emergency backup source. Learn more about The Future of No-UV Lighting here.

Access Fixtures UV Free LED Light - No UV Light Under 450nm

Access Fixtures UV Free LED Light – No UV Light Under 450nm

Access Fixtures UV Free LED Light - Amber-Green - No Light Below 450nm

Access Fixtures UV Free LED Light – Amber-Green – No Light Below 450nm

Conclusion: Experience Exceptional Durability With Access Fixtures UV Free LED Light Fixtures

Access Fixtures UV free LED lights offer exceptional durability and minimal maintenance needs, rarely requiring replacement. With an L70 rating of 70,000 hours, there is no risk of compromised production runs due to filter failure. These lights operate flicker-free, withstand infinite on-off cycles, and feature IP67-rated protection for resilience in harsh environments. The No UV emergency egress feature ensures safety during blackouts. By choosing Access Fixtures, businesses benefit from superior lighting performance, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced safety standards. Check out our Best No UV LED Light Fixtures here.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist About The Lifespan Of A UV Free LED Light

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