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For St. Mary of the Annunciation’s 150th anniversary, the church, which was constructed in 1889, decided to create new landscaping around the building. The renovated landscaping called for eight Access Fixtures bollards to provide accent lighting and area lighting.

The bronze round flat top bollard lights with type 5 glass (seen here) provided by Access Fixtures, add a modern and architectural element to the landscaping while providing ample illumination. Using 50 watt pulse-start metal halides, the bollards safely light the walkways in and around the church. Compared to standard reflectors and louvers, type 5 glass emits the most light per watt and distributes light to a broad area.

Below, check out St. Mary of the Annunciation illuminated by Access Fixtures’ bollard lights.


The bollard lights add a modern, architectural element to the landscape.


The bronze round flat top bollard lights with type 5 glass distribute light to a broad area.


Type 5 glass distributes the most light per watt.


The pulse-start metal halides safely illuminate walkways.

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