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Brackets, Poles, and Mounts

Poles – Truss Brackets – Bullhorns – Adapter Tenons

Brackets, Poles, and Mounts for Lighting


Brackets, poles, and mounts for lighting are everywhere. Chances are, you pass by these fixtures on your way to work every single day. Brackets can be seen on streetlights, highway lights, airport lights, and more. Many light fixtures, especially high wattage fixtures used to light sports arenas and roadways, are mounted on steel poles. 

Access Fixtures sells custom lighting solutions and now provides the industrial poles, brackets, and mounts required to properly install these lighting solutions. As each lighting project is unique, read on to learn about the most popular types of brackets, poles, and mounts offered by Access Fixtures.


Poles for Lighting

Poles are available from Access Fixtures in multiple designs, styles, heights, and finishes. When choosing a pole for your lighting, it is important to know which one will be best for your application. Access Fixtures offers steel poles that range in height from 20″ to 30″ and can be custom cut down to meet your needs. Steel poles come in bronze or custom RAL and are 4″ x 4″ or 5″ x 5″. These poles can be bolt down or direct burial, and are meant to accommodate 2 3/8″ vertical tenons.

Aluminum and fiberglass poles, both heavy-duty and decorative, are also available from Access Fixtures. Fiberglass poles may meet higher EPA requirements in areas prone to high winds or hurricanes. Decorative poles, such as those that come with our post light packages, are available in many different styles and finishes, including fluted, smooth, and square. 

Poles come in many designs and sizes. Consult with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist if you need help figuring out which pole will suit your lighting needs best.

Pole Brackets for Lighting

Once you purchase your poles, you will need pole brackets and mounts to attach your light fixtures. Access Fixtures supplies an enormous selection of pole brackets for all types of poles and lighting solutions. Access fixtures has traditional double, triple, and quad bullhorns for sports lighting projects, as well as cross arm brackets and round square brackets. For area and street lights, our wide selection of truss brackets and cantilever brackets will suffice.  For wooden poles, Access Fixtures recommends our wide selection of wraparound brackets in one, two, three, or four arm configurations. Other mounts specifically for wood poles are also available.

Pole brackets are available in multiple finishes, including bronze, white, black, gray, aluminum, and hot dipped galvanized, as well as available in multiple pole sizes. The most common pole bracket size is 2 3/8″, but Access Fixtures can supply reducers to fit unique pole or fixture sizes. All pole brackets come with the appropriate mounting hardware. 

Wall Mounts for Lighting


When choosing a wall mount for your lighting project, several options must be taken into consideration. Some wall mounts are better than others for different projects and fixtures. Access Fixtures carries wall mounts for lighting in different styles, finishes, and pipe sizes. These fixtures are available in bronze, black, gray, white, hot dipped galvanized finish, and more. Diameter sizes range up to 2″. 

Access Fixtures carries cantilever brackets, tenon brackets, angle brackets, side mount brackets, right angle brackets, wall mount right angle brackets, right angle brackets, and side tenon mount brackets. For lighting sidewalks and streets, choose a longer wall arm bracket. For decorative projects, a right angle bracket could suffice. Wall mounts from Access Fixtures are just as sturdy and secure as pole mounts and can work in conjunction with them within a complete lighting solution.


How to Order Brackets, Poles, and Mounts for Lighting

If you need to order brackets, poles, or mounts for lighting, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. We can help you choose which fixtures to best suit your lighting project and maximize light output. A triple bullhorn mount may not be an appropriate solution for one person’s lighting project but a wrap bracket may be the perfect solution. Since most of the pricing on these products is nonstandard, you will need to request a quote from a lighting specialist. Call 1-800-468-9925 today to speak with a lighting specialist or email [email protected] to obtain a quote or learn more information.