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A customer called Access Fixtures looking for a lighting solution that was not vulnerable to the frequent vandalism he was experiencing at his property in Florida. Vandals were spraying graffiti on the housing of bollard lights. BB guns were also used in the area, often causing damage to the light fixtures. The customer did not want to continue to deal with the hassle and expense of frequently replacing the light fixtures.

For the bollard lights, an Access Fixtures lighting specialist suggested round dome-top LED bollard lights with Type 5 Glass. These bollards have an interchangeable and vandal-resistant polycarbonate lenses. The bollards are built with extruded aluminum housing with vandal-resistant screws and are treated with a durable nine-layer chromate conversion coating, then finished with powder coat paint. In the event that the lens on the bollard light is damaged,it can easily be replaced. If the bollard light is tagged with graffiti, solvent can be used to remove graffiti without removing the finish on the bollard.

Is your property challenged by vandalism? Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to find the right solution for you.