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In a recent video titled “Will It Light?” Access Fixtures conducted a comprehensive durability test on their vandal-resistant LED wall packs.

The experiment featured team members and lighting specialists.

They dropped a vandal-resistant wall pack equipped with LED Modules from the roof of a building.

To establish a control, they also dropped an Epson printer during the test.

The striking outcome revealed the wall pack’s remarkable resilience.

It only sustained a small crack and continued to emit light which contrasted sharply with the immediate shattering of the printer.



This durability test served as a testament to the robustness of the wall pack’s aluminum housing.

It showcased its ability to withstand impact and remain functional even in challenging conditions.

Our vandal-resistant LED wall packs seamlessly blend traditional with modern designs that’s familiar to architects and property managers.

A distinctive feature of these wall packs is the absence of glass on the front.

The glass is replaced entirely with heavy-duty aluminum and ensures enhanced durability.

Access Fixtures innovative design incorporates LED modules securely mounted within the aluminum housing.

Per the video, this design not only safeguards against damage resulting from malicious activities but also ensures that the lights remain operational.

The combination of durability and aesthetic architectural design makes these vandal-resistant LED wall packs a compelling choice for a variety of applications.

Interested in exploring further about vandal-resistant LED wall packs and their innovative design?

Then Access Fixtures invites you to learn more on their website here.

Finally, discover the perfect balance of durability, functionality, and architectural appeal in these cutting-edge lighting solutions.