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Landscape and Garden Lighting

Bollards – Flood Lights – Spotlights

Commercial Landscape Lighting


Access Fixtures offers a large range of outdoor commercial landscape lights, available with LED lamps. Landscape lights are typically used to illuminate areas such as walkways, gardens, parks, college campuses, and other public spaces. To ensure these spaces are appropriately illuminated after dark, it is important to consider landscape lighting when designing your space. Not only can landscape lighting fixtures add ambiance to your space, they can significantly increase safety, too. Commercial landscape lights are available in various styles, can be custom finished in your choice of RAL color, and are used in outdoor lighting applications around the world.

Commercial landscape lighting can seamlessly blend into your surroundings to ensure space remains useful, safe, and functional after dark. Access Fixtures has commercial landscape lighting luminaires in a variety of sizes and styles to best suit your space. Whether you are looking for bollard lights, flood lights, or area lights, there is a fixture available to illuminate your landscape area. With an array of mounting options, it is easy to provide the perfect amount of light in the right direction. Functionality and design are key to ensuring a quality result no matter where your fixtures are placed; there are a number of factors you should take into consideration when choosing your landscape luminaires to ensure the output is both functional and appropriate. Consider light pollution, safety, and IP ratings when selecting any luminaire for outdoor use so your fixtures perform how they should. 

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Access Fixtures lighting specialists are able to provide photometric analyses to determine how much light your outdoor project will need. From light trespass restrictions to the challenges of lighting large outdoor spaces, our analysts can help you find the right light and the right mounting options for your needs. Some of our mounting options include ground stakes, adjustable slip fitters, and brackets, and many other fixture-specific variations. These landscape lighting fixtures are easy customized in that their height, color, reflectors, and beam spreads can all be altered to better suit your space. Whether you are lighting flowers close to the ground or a large open space, landscape lighting is often a viable solution.


Bollard Landscape Lighting

Bollard lights are a common choice of luminaire when illuminating walkways, parking lots, boardwalks, pathways, entrances, gardens, and more. Bollard lights are typically used for commercial and residential applications to provide efficient illuminations levels for safe egress. Bollards are available in many different shapes, with round and square being the most common. Does your project require a specific footcandle level? No problem. A photometric analysis can simulate the results of a proposed lighting solution before a big purchase; this helps ensure you will achieve the exact kind of light your landscape project requires. Choose a bollard with a custom RAL color, marine-grade coating, turtle and wildlife friendly technology, or speak to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to find the best solution for your project.


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Flood Landscape Lighting

Flood lights are used to illuminate larger outdoor landscape areas because of their ability to emit a terrific amount of light. These fixtures are typically used for driveways, streets, sports courts, gardens, or to accentuate property features such as entrances or sculptures. Many commercial properties require certain light levels as part of their insurance requirements. Available in a range of sizes and styles, flood lights have a wider beam spread than other fixtures, allowing them to illuminate spaces very well. Access Fixtures provides an array of flood lights with forward throw, cutoff, and wide-angle reflectors; our specialists can help you determine which units are appropriate for your lighting needs.


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Area Landscape Lighting

Similar to flood lights, area lights are used to illuminate larger, outdoor landscape areas. Area lights come in various sizes and styles and can be custom-finished in any choice of RAL color you want. Access Fixtures’ commercial-grade area lights are built to perform and protect against weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, and extreme fluctuations in temperatures. Their customizable beam spreads work to efficiently illuminate a wide areas, reducing the number of fixtures required to meet your footcandle specifications.


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Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Choosing the Right Fixture

It is important to know what you’re buying. We are here to give you all the information you need. Struggling to figure out which light best suits your space and project? Do you have a specific budget or requirement to meet? No problem—we will be glad to help get you answer. We want to make sure you get the exact fixture for your needs, your budget, and your goals. To speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist, call (800) 468-9925.