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Condo in FL selects Access Fixtures turtle friendly LED wall packs

Access Fixtures specialists were recently approached by the owner of a commercial condominium property in Destin, Florida. The customer was seeking an affordable LED wall pack upgrade for their property that would save money on energy without posing a threat to the surrounding wildlife. As home to 90% of the nesting sea turtles in the United States, Florida takes conservation efforts seriously, and the customer wanted to abide by local regulations.

Choosing Turtle Friendly LED Wall Packs Lighting That Meets Code

The state of Florida has been active in the conservation of sea turtle habitats for many years, having developed a model lighting ordinance in 1993 to guide local governments in creating standards of lighting for properties along coastal areas. Destin, in particular, adopted the Land Development Code in 2004, which describes specifications for outdoor lighting which prevents or eliminates light pollution.

Turtle friendly LED Wall Pack

32w turtle friendly LED small wall pack fixture

Lighting a Beachfront Florida Condominium with LED

The condominium property was right on the beach, with rooms and a pool that were accessible from the dunes. They needed an unobtrusive lighting option that would provide a safe level of illumination for guests without posing a threat to the environment. An Access Fixtures specialist recommended the 32w LED small wall packs.

Turtle Friendly LED Wall Packs Feature the Best of Both Worlds

LEDs are an excellent energy efficient option for lighting that is also wildlife-friendly. The LED lamp is specifically calibrated to emit light at a lower wavelength, producing a warm glow that certain species, like sea turtles, cannot see. The 32w LED small wall pack is energy efficient, with a total lumen output of 4,431, and virtually eliminates maintenance costs with a rated life of 100,000 hours.

The Affordable Turtle Friendly LED Wall Packs Solution

The customer was able to choose an affordable, turtle friendly LED upgrade for their beachfront property. Ready to save money on your monthly energy bill and support local conservation efforts with LED? Access Fixtures offers a full line of wall packs and other wildlife and turtle-friendly LED fixtures.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Turtle Friendly LED Wall Pack Lighting

Access Fixtures has the right turtle friendly wall pack lighting to suitably illuminate your property in order to protect nearby turtle and other wildlife. Do you need a solution for a unique lighting project? Talk with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800-468-9925.