High Mast Lights at Airport Terminal Gates
Hi High Mast Light Poles for Sports Lighting
High Mast Light Poles at Port
High Mast Light Poles at a Refinery

High Mast Light Poles for All Applications

High mast light poles are designed to hold multiple light fixtures capable of distributing light over broad areas such as highways and interchanges, sports fields, stadiums, ports, freight terminals, refineries, mining facilities and airport tarmacs. The height provides extensive light coverage while minimizing the quantity of poles. It also enables the poles to be located further away from where the light is required enhancing safety and movement.

When you are working with Access Fixtures, you are working with a leading global manufacturer of high mast poles and other innovative steel structural solutions for high mast lighting, street lighting, wind towers and cell communication towers.

High Mast Light Pole for Soccer Field Lighting

Featuring an engineering team with over 20 years of experience and employing a ISO 9001:2008 registered state-of-the art manufacturing facility equipped with the latest tooling, Access Fixtures is ready to build high mast light pole needs for sports lighting, street lighting, and parking lighting that meet your specific requirements.

High Mast Light Poles Manufacturing and Materials

Access Fixtures high mast light poles are made from American-grade GR 50/55/65 low-silicon content steel.

American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 and CSA W47.1 certified welding professionals provide best-in-class fabrication.

The high mast light poles are galvanized inside and out, providing long term service and safety. An optional powder coat finish over the galvanized coating is available for added style.

High Mast Sports Light Pole Manufacturing

High Mast Light Poles Structure and Engineering

Access Fixtures high mast light poles are engineered to meet your requirements, wherever you may be located. High mast light poles, street light poles, wind energy towers, solar support structures and combinations for multiple purposes have been manufactured, shipped, and installed all over the world including ski areas, ports, mines, transportation hubs, and in every climate including the arctic. What is your high mast poles application? What specifications need to be met? Let us know. Contact us today.

  • ANSI/ TIA-222-G (DS1-2011). U.S. design standard for telecom and wind turbine towers.
  • IEC 61400-1-2 2006. International design standards for wind turbine designs and support structures.
  • EN 1090-1-2008, -2-2009. European standards for welded steel structures.
  • Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures Part 1-9: Fatigue. Fatigue analysis for steel tower sections.
  • AASHTO 1994 – Version 3 Release Sept. 17th 2009. U.S. code for design and fatigue life of high mast structures.
  • ASCE 7-2005. U.S. minimum design loads for structures and foundations.
  • ACI 318-08. U.S. building code requirements for structural concrete.
  • AWS D1.1. American Welding Society’s structural welding code for steel.
  • CSA W47.1. Canadian Standards Association’s Canadian code for fusion welding of steel.
  • Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires and Traffic Signals
  • Light Columns
  • High Masts for Lighting and CCTV (2013 edition)
  • AS/NZS 1170.2. Structural Design Actions – Wind Actions

High Mast Pole Built for the Artic

High Mast Light Poles at Ski Area

Street Light with Solar and Wind Power

High Mast Light Poles Options

While there are basic high mast light poles that range in height from 30’ to 240’, there is no such thing as a basic high mast light pole. Every pole must be engineered to meet multiple requirements including functionality, the wind speed in the location, the ground that the high mast pole will be located on, temperature in the area, service requirements for the lights and equipment mounted on the pole and more. Access Fixtures high mast poles are available with many options including the option that you need to make the high mast pole work for you. Here are a few examples.

High Mast Light Pole with Raise-Lower Rack System

High Mast Light Pole with  System to Raise and Lower the Rack 

High Mast Light Pole with Ladder, Platform & Racks

High Mast Light Pole with Mounting Rack, Platform and Ladder

High Mast Pole with Quick Installation Base

High Mast Pole with Quick Installation Base

High Mast Pole with Hinged Option

Hinged High Mast Option for Light Poles and/or Wind

High Mast Light Poles Light Fixtures

Access Fixtures high mast lights are designed, engineered, and manufactured to perform. High mast light applications include sports, transportation, mining, research, and even space launches.  The applications are endless. For each project Access Fixtures lighting specialists work with you to determine all the requirements for your application. Then, an Access Fixtures lighting engineer will model the lighting in CAD to provide a photometric study, so you know how the lighting will perform before it is installed.

LED luminaire design and optics play a large part in high mast light fixtures. For example, Access Fixtures can design and build lighting for sports facilities such as a high school football field that is dark sky compliant yet meets all the requirements for competitive high school football games. Light trespass can be limited to less than 200’ around the field, enabling a football field to be illuminated with minimal disruption to the quality of life around the field and to the environment.

High Mast Lighting at a Small Stadium

Golf Course with High Mast Light Poles and Lights

High Mast Light Pole Method of Access for Service

Light fixtures mounted on high mast poles no longer require service,
such as changing Metal Halide lamps, like years ago. This reduces the
frequency of service at the top of the high mast light pole. LED drivers
can be mounted by the base of the pole so, while issues are rare, the
drivers can be serviced near or on the ground.

Click on the image on the right to view a pdf showing options for egress
to service lights mounted at the top of high mast light poles.

PDF with means of egress to service lights on high mast poles

More High Mast Light Pole Resources

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An Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist is ready to discuss your project with you.

What are the next steps required to convert from HPS to LED? You could simply guess at what the best LED light fixture is for your application based on the LED light fixture providing similar lumens, or you could speak with an expert. Call 800.468.9925 and talk to an Access Fixtures lighting specialist or submit the form below.

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