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Hi High Mast Light Poles for Sports Lighting

High Mast Light Poles for All LED Lighting Applications

High mast light poles play a crucial role in illuminating vast areas efficiently and effectively. These towering structures are specifically designed to accommodate multiple light fixtures, strategically positioned to provide optimal illumination across expansive spaces. Whether it’s illuminating highways and interchanges, sports fields and stadiums, ports and freight terminals, refineries, mining facilities, or airport tarmacs, high mast light poles offer unparalleled coverage and visibility.

One of the primary advantages of high mast lighting is its ability to provide extensive light coverage while minimizing the number of poles required. By towering above the surrounding landscape, these poles can illuminate large areas with fewer fixtures, reducing installation and maintenance costs while maximizing efficiency. Additionally, their elevated height allows them to be positioned further away from where the light is needed, enhancing safety and facilitating smooth movement within the illuminated space.

Access Fixtures stands out as a leading global manufacturer in this field, offering innovative steel structural solutions for high mast lighting and beyond. With their expertise and dedication to quality, Access Fixtures provides reliable and cutting-edge solutions for various applications, from high mast lighting and street lighting to wind towers and cell communication towers. When working with Access Fixtures, you can trust that you’re partnering with a company committed to delivering top-notch products tailored to meet your specific lighting and structural needs.

High Mast Light Poles for Soccer Field Lighting

Key Takeaways

    • Customization and Efficiency: High mast light poles are engineered to meet diverse requirements across various applications, offering tailored solutions for efficient and effective illumination.

    • Advanced Technology: Modern high mast light fixtures leverage LED technology to minimize service requirements, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance overall performance.

    • Safety and Accessibility: Access Fixtures prioritizes safety and accessibility in high mast light pole design, providing convenient access for maintenance while minimizing disruptions to surrounding areas.

High Mast Light Poles Manufacturing and Materials

Access Fixtures’ high mast light poles are crafted from American-grade GR 50/55/65 low-silicon content steel, ensuring durability and reliability in even the harshest environments. This high-quality steel is specifically chosen for its strength and resistance to corrosion, offering longevity and peace of mind to customers.

The fabrication process of these poles is carried out by American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1 and CSA W47.1 certified welding professionals. This certification ensures that the welding procedures adhere to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing the structural integrity and safety of the finished product. By employing certified professionals, Access Fixtures ensures that each high mast light pole is crafted with precision and expertise, meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

To further enhance their durability and longevity, Access Fixtures’ high mast light poles undergo a comprehensive galvanization process both inside and out. This galvanization provides a protective barrier against corrosion, rust, and other environmental factors, extending the service life of the poles and maintaining their structural integrity over time. Additionally, customers have the option to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the poles with an optional powder coat finish over the galvanized coating. This finish not only adds style and customization options but also provides an additional layer of protection against UV rays, abrasion, and weathering.

High Mast Sports Light Pole Manufacturing

High Mast Light Poles Structure and Engineering

Access Fixtures’ commitment to engineering excellence ensures that our high mast light poles are tailored to meet your specific requirements, regardless of your location. We have a proven track record of manufacturing, shipping, and installing high mast light poles, street light poles, wind energy towers, solar support structures, and versatile combinations for multiple purposes to clients all over the world.

From the snow-capped peaks of ski areas to bustling ports, remote mines, bustling transportation hubs, and even the extreme conditions of the Arctic, our structures have demonstrated their reliability and durability in every climate and terrain. Whether you need to illuminate expansive highways, ports, or industrial facilities, our high mast light poles are engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and visibility. What is your high mast pole application? What specification need to be met? Contact us today.

International Design Standards for Structural Engineering

1. ANSI/TIA-222-G (DS1-2011)
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) jointly established this standard, primarily focusing on the design of telecom towers. It provides guidelines for structural integrity, load calculations, and safety factors, ensuring the robustness of telecommunication infrastructure.

2. IEC 61400-1-2:2006
The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) sets standards for wind turbine design and support structures. This standard outlines requirements for wind turbine safety, load considerations, and structural design to withstand varying environmental conditions.

3. EN 1090-1:2008, -2:2009
The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) introduced these standards to regulate the fabrication and assembly of welded steel structures within the European Union. It ensures that steel structures comply with strict quality control measures and adhere to safety protocols.

4. Eurocode 3: Design of Steel Structures Part 1-9: Fatigue
Eurocode 3, a set of European design standards for steel structures, includes Part 1-9, which specifically addresses fatigue analysis. It provides guidelines for assessing the fatigue life of steel components, essential for structures subject to cyclic loading, such as wind turbine towers.

5. AASHTO 1994 – Version 3 Release Sept. 17th 2009
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) code offers design specifications and guidelines for high mast structures used in transportation infrastructure. It emphasizes factors such as design loads, fatigue life, and structural integrity for safe and durable installations.

6. ASCE 7-2005
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) publishes ASCE 7, which outlines minimum design loads for structures and foundations in the United States. It covers various environmental loads, including wind, seismic, snow, and rain, ensuring structural resilience against natural forces.

7. ACI 318-08
The American Concrete Institute (ACI) develops ACI 318, which specifies requirements for the design and construction of structural concrete elements. It provides guidelines for concrete mixtures, reinforcement detailing, and construction practices to ensure the structural integrity of concrete components.

8. AWS D1.1
The American Welding Society (AWS) establishes standards for structural welding through AWS D1.1. It outlines welding procedures, quality control measures, and inspection criteria to ensure the integrity of welded steel structures.

9. CSA W47.1
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) publishes CSA W47.1, which governs fusion welding of steel in Canada. It sets forth requirements for welding procedures, welder qualifications, and welding inspection to uphold structural integrity and safety.

10. Standard Specifications for Structural Supports for Highway Signs, Luminaires, and Traffic Signals
This set of specifications provides detailed guidelines for the design and installation of structural supports for highway signs, luminaires (lighting fixtures), and traffic signals. It ensures the structural stability and safety of roadside infrastructure.

11. Light Columns, High Masts for Lighting and CCTV (2013 edition)
This publication offers specific design standards for light columns and high masts used for lighting and closed-circuit television (CCTV) installations. It covers aspects such as structural design, materials, and installation requirements to ensure reliable and safe operation.

12. AS/NZS 1170.2
The joint Australian/New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1170.2 addresses structural design actions, particularly wind actions. It provides guidelines for determining wind loads on structures, essential for designing structures that can withstand wind-induced forces.

High Mast Pole Built for the Artic

High Mast Light Poles at Ski Area

Street Light with Solar and Wind Power

High Mast Light Poles Options

When it comes to high mast light poles, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each pole must be meticulously engineered to meet a myriad of requirements, ensuring optimal functionality, safety, and durability in diverse environments. At Access Fixtures, we understand the importance of customization and offer a range of options to tailor high mast poles to your specific needs.

Height Variations
While high mast light poles can range in height from 30 feet to towering heights of 240 feet, it’s essential to select the right height for your application. Factors such as the area to be illuminated, local regulations, and aesthetic considerations all play a role in determining the appropriate height of the pole.

Engineering Considerations
Beyond height, numerous engineering factors come into play when designing high mast light poles. These include wind speed calculations based on the location’s geographical features, soil conditions, and temperature variations. Each pole must be structurally sound to withstand the forces exerted by wind loads and environmental conditions.

Service Requirements
High mast poles serve as platforms for mounting lights and other equipment, necessitating careful consideration of service requirements. This includes ensuring adequate access for maintenance and inspection, as well as accommodating the electrical and mechanical needs of the installed fixtures and accessories.

Customization Options
Access Fixtures offers a wide range of customization options to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need specialized coatings for corrosion resistance, integrated electrical conduits for seamless installation, or mounting brackets for additional equipment, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs.

High Mast Light Pole with Raise-Lower Rack System

High Mast Light Pole with  System to Raise and Lower the Rack 

High Mast Light Pole with Ladder, Platform & Racks

High Mast Light Pole with Mounting Rack, Platform and Ladder

High Mast Pole with Quick Installation Base

High Mast Pole with Quick Installation Base

High Mast Pole with Hinged Option

Hinged High Mast Option for Light Poles and/or Wind

High Mast Light Poles Light Fixtures

Access Fixtures sets the standard for high mast light fixtures, offering a comprehensive range of options engineered to deliver unparalleled performance across various applications. Whether illuminating sports fields, transportation hubs, mining facilities, research centers, or even supporting space launches, our high mast lights are designed to excel in any environment.

Tailored Solutions for Every Project
We understand that each project comes with its unique requirements and challenges. That’s why our team of lighting specialists collaborates closely with you to assess your specific needs and preferences. From understanding the lighting objectives to considering environmental factors and regulatory requirements, we ensure that every aspect of your project is carefully considered.

Precision Engineering and Modeling
At Access Fixtures, precision engineering is at the core of our approach. Our lighting engineers utilize cutting-edge CAD software to model the lighting performance of high mast light fixtures. Through detailed photometric studies, you can visualize how the lighting will perform in your specific environment before installation, ensuring optimal illumination and minimizing any potential issues.

LED Luminaire Design and Optics
LED technology has revolutionized high mast lighting, offering energy efficiency, longevity, and superior performance. Our high mast light fixtures leverage advanced LED luminaire design and optics to achieve precise light distribution and control. For example, when illuminating sports facilities, such as high school football fields, our fixtures are engineered to meet strict requirements while ensuring compliance with dark sky regulations. By limiting light trespass to less than 200 feet around the field, we minimize disruption to surrounding areas while providing adequate illumination for competitive sports events.

Balancing Performance and Environmental Impact
One of our key priorities is to strike the perfect balance between performance and environmental impact. By incorporating energy-efficient LED technology, precision optics, and thoughtful design, we deliver high mast light fixtures that not only meet your lighting requirements but also minimize light pollution and environmental impact. Whether it’s preserving the natural night sky or minimizing disturbance to nearby communities, our solutions are designed with sustainability in mind.

Endless Applications, Exceptional Performance
The versatility of our high mast light fixtures knows no bounds. From illuminating vast sports complexes to ensuring safety and visibility in transportation networks, our solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With Access Fixtures, you can trust that your high mast lighting needs are in expert hands, delivering exceptional performance and reliability for any application.

High Mast Lighting at a Small Stadium

Golf Course with High Mast Light Poles and Lights

High Mast Light Pole Method of Access for Service

With advancements in lighting technology, servicing high mast light poles has become more streamlined and efficient than ever before. Gone are the days of frequent lamp changes and precarious climbs to the top of towering poles. Modern high mast light fixtures, particularly those utilizing LED technology, have revolutionized the maintenance process, reducing the need for frequent service at the top of the pole.

Minimized Service Requirements
Traditionally, servicing high mast light poles involved the periodic replacement of Metal Halide lamps, requiring technicians to ascend to the top of the pole. However, with the widespread adoption of LED fixtures, the need for lamp replacement has significantly diminished. LED lights boast an impressive lifespan and require minimal maintenance, reducing the frequency of service visits to the top of the pole.

Convenient Placement of LED Drivers
Furthermore, LED drivers, which control the operation of LED lights, can be strategically mounted near the base of the pole. This placement ensures easy access for servicing, as technicians can address any potential issues with the drivers without the need for specialized equipment or climbing to great heights. While issues with LED drivers are rare, their proximity to the ground simplifies maintenance tasks, enhancing overall efficiency and safety.


Streamlined Service Access
Access Fixtures recognizes the importance of providing efficient methods of access for servicing high mast light poles. Our solutions prioritize ease of maintenance, ensuring that technicians can address any issues promptly and effectively. We offer a range of options for egress to service lights mounted at the top of high mast light poles, ensuring that maintenance tasks can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Visual Reference for Service Options
To further facilitate maintenance procedures, we provide a visual reference guide outlining various options for accessing high mast light fixtures for servicing. Click here to explore different methods of egress, enabling technicians to select the most suitable approach based on specific project requirements and site conditions.

Enhanced Safety and Efficiency
By minimizing the need for service at the top of high mast light poles and providing convenient access to LED drivers, Access Fixtures enhances both safety and efficiency in maintenance operations. Our solutions are designed to streamline the servicing process, ensuring that your lighting infrastructure remains in optimal condition with minimal disruption and downtime.

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High mast light poles are essential infrastructure elements that play a crucial role in illuminating vast areas, from highways and sports fields to industrial facilities and transportation hubs. Access Fixtures stands out as a leading provider of innovative and reliable solutions, offering customized options tailored to meet specific project requirements. With advanced LED technology, precision engineering, and a focus on safety and accessibility, Access Fixtures ensures that high mast light poles deliver optimal performance, efficiency, and longevity in any application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main advantages of LED technology in high mast lighting?
LED technology offers energy efficiency, longevity, and superior performance compared to traditional lighting sources. LED fixtures require minimal maintenance, reducing service requirements and associated costs.

How does Access Fixtures ensure safety and accessibility in high mast light pole design?
Access Fixtures prioritizes safety by providing convenient access for maintenance personnel and minimizing disruptions to surrounding areas. LED drivers are strategically placed for easy servicing, and various egress options are available for accessing lights mounted at the top of high mast poles.

What customization options are available for high mast light poles?
Access Fixtures offers a wide range of customization options, including height variations, engineering considerations for wind speed and environmental factors, and specialized coatings for corrosion resistance. Additionally, various accessories such as mounting brackets and integrated electrical conduits are available to meet specific project requirements.


What are the benefits of minimizing the number of high mast light poles required?
Minimizing the number of poles reduces installation and maintenance costs while maximizing efficiency. High mast light poles are engineered to provide extensive light coverage over large areas, allowing for fewer fixtures to achieve the desired illumination levels.

How does Access Fixtures ensure the longevity of high mast light poles?
Access Fixtures utilizes American-grade steel and employs certified welding professionals to ensure structural integrity and resistance to corrosion. Additionally, comprehensive galvanization inside and out provides long-term protection against environmental factors, extending the service life of the poles.

What are some common applications of high mast light poles?
High mast light poles are used in a wide range of applications, including illuminating highways, interchanges, sports fields, stadiums, ports, freight terminals, refineries, mining facilities, and airport tarmacs. Their versatility and effectiveness make them suitable for various industrial, commercial, and recreational settings.

How does Access Fixtures handle extreme weather conditions, such as those found in the Arctic?
Access Fixtures’ high mast light poles are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions, including those encountered in the Arctic. By adhering to rigorous international design standards and employing robust materials and construction techniques, our poles are capable of performing reliably in even the harshest environments.

What steps does Access Fixtures take to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and codes?
Access Fixtures adheres to a comprehensive set of international design standards and codes governing structural engineering and lighting installations. By staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements and industry best practices, we ensure that our high mast light poles meet or exceed safety and performance standards, providing peace of mind to our customers.