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Our lighting specialists often receive questions that can have multiple answers depending on several considerations, including budget and time constraints.
Recently, a customer sent an Access Fixtures lighting specialist a photo of decorative street lighting, requesting suggestions to replace the heads with compatible LED heads.
In essence, the new LED luminaires had to meet several criteria: however, they must fit the pole, feature an appropriate design, effectively illuminate the area, and offer energy-saving, low-maintenance LED technology.
The lighting specialist presented the following options… 

RITO 191w LED Open Post Light with Aluminum Pole installed

                                                      Our RITO 191w LED open post lights were used in a project.

Retrofitting a post-top

Retrofitting a post-top luminaire first involves purchasing Post Top LED Retrofit Lamps, which are currently unavailable.

Alternatively, post-top retrofit lamps are available in 30w and 45w variants.

These lamps are designed to screw into an existing socket, be it medium or mogul base, and operate with line voltage ranging from 120 to 277v.

If there is an existing ballast, it should be bypassed, and the power supply should be directly connected to the socket.

This option is quick, cost-effective, and provides illumination similar to the existing lamp.

Another approach is to design a retrofit kit tailored to a specific fixture.

To initiate this process, the customer has to send a head of the fixture without the globe to Access Fixtures.

Customizing the retrofit kit

Upon receiving the head, Access Fixtures will manufacture a customized retrofit kit, including LED chips, a driver, and a metal kit for easy installation.

The retrofit kit offers high efficiency, emitting 140 lumens per watt and boasting an LM70 rating at 100,000 hours.
Access Fixtures can guide on selecting the optimal wattage and explore options for new globes if desired.
While this option is more expensive, it provides a tailored, long-lasting solution for existing fixtures.
Alternatively, the entire head of the fixture can be replaced.
Modern post-top luminaires prioritize dark-sky compliance and limiting light trespass, resulting in different photometric if compared to other luminaires.

Your new luminaire

The new luminaire distributes light downward and outward using 120-degree optics on the LED chips.

It features LED chip sets emitting 140 lumens per watt, with an LM70 rating at 100,000 hours, and is assembled in the USA.

Although this option is more costly, it offers a brand-new head with improved performance.

Finally, an alternative design option involves purchasing a different head that is less expensive, effectively distributes light, and can accommodate various LED setups.

This head is available with or without a finial on top. For any inquiries regarding your lighting project, contact Access Fixtures.