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The Access Fixtures team demonstrated the durability of vandal-resistant LED wall packs in the second installment of the “Will It Light?” video series. In the new video, a team member drops a Toro lawn mower on top of a vandal-resistant wall pack with LG LED Modules. The wall pack suffers minimal damage and still lights, which proves the durability of the wall pack’s aluminum housing. Watch the video below.

Our line of vandal-resistant LED wall packs use traditional and modern designs that architects and property managers typically use, but instead of a glass lens on the front of the fixture, the entire fixture is encased in heavy-duty aluminum. LG LED modules are mounted in the aluminum housing and are simple to replace if necessary. As the lawn mower test proves, the innovative design keeps the lights on and prevents damage from malicious activity while providing an aesthetic, architectural design. Using only 12 watts, each light engine module is rated for 50,000 hours and emits 1300 lumens with a CRI of 70+.

Learn more about vandal-resistant LED wall packs here.