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LED Bollard from Access Fixtures Installed in St LouisAn architectural firm located in St. Louis contacted Access Fixtures lighting specialists with a series of questions regarding walkway lighting at a commercial construction project. They were seeking information to help them decide how to choose the right LED bollard lights for pathway lighting. Priorities for the LED bollard lights were style, durability, safety, ease of maintenance, energy efficiency, limited light trespass, and affordability.

Choosing an LED Bollard for Pathway Lighting: Where to Begin?

Contacting an Access Fixtures specialist early in a new lighting or construction project saves time and money. Knowledgeable, LS1-certified lighting specialists can help clients answer the following questions:

  • What should be illuminated?  
  • What should not to be illuminated?  
  • Which landscape features might be illuminated?
  • Do ambient light levels need to be incorporated into the design?
  • Are there any local lighting regulations that need to be considered?

A hasty lighting decision can have unexpected consequences. Light pollution from unshielded or inefficient fixtures can upset the surrounding environment, cause dangerous glare for drivers, obscure the night sky, and threaten wildlife. Many municipalities have laws regulating the height, wattage, and even color of the lights property owners are allowed to install. In other cases, there may be rebates available for choosing energy-efficient LED lights.

Energy-Efficient LED Bollard Lights for Pathway Lighting

The client wanted to light a walkway and limit the direction of the light from a typical, 360-degree spread to a 180-degree spread in order to limit light trespass. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist suggested 15w USA LED Round Dome Top Bollards with Aluminum Cone Reflectors. Energy-efficient LED bollards from Access Fixtures have a variety of interchangeable features such as colored bollard lights, specific kinds of reflectors, light shields, and altered light levels.

The St. Louis firm reviewed their design requirements and selected ten of the 15w LED Round Dome Top Bollard Lights with a Custom Aluminum Reflector and an optional light shield that would keep the light distribution limited to 180 degrees. The light shield restricted the light from going where they did not want it and also reduced the amount of light trespass.

Access Fixtures lighting specialists can help you determine how to choose the right LED bollard lights for your lighting project. We can provide custom options for any available LED bollard with multiple kelvin temperatures, reflector options, and wildlife-friendly amber LEDs.

Struggling with how to choose LED bollard lights for your property? Contact Access Fixtures today and find the right LED bollards for your plan!