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LED Bollard Lights – Commercial-Grade LED Bollards

LED Bollard Lights – Commercial-Grade LED Bollards

In outdoor lighting solutions, LED bollard lights have emerged as versatile, energy-efficient, aesthetically pleasing options for commercial spaces. These commercial-grade fixtures cater to various needs, from enhancing safety and security to adding ambiance and style. Access Fixtures designs and manufactures LED bollard lights for solar applications, to meet DarkSky-compliant requirements, sea turtle & wildlife-friendly applications, and more. This article explores the diverse range of commercial-grade LED bollard lights, providing concise insights into their applications, features, styles, finishes, and more to successfully illuminate spaces requiring high-performance bollard lighting solutions. (More insights on what bollard lighting is here)

Solar LED Bollard Lights

Solar LED bollard lights suit commercial, industrial, and hospitality applications. These commercial-grade fixtures have photovoltaic cells that capture sunlight and convert it into electrical energy, stored in rechargeable batteries. The stored energy then powers the LEDs, providing reliable illumination during low light conditions without relying on traditional grid electricity. Solar LED bollard lights offer significant cost savings on energy bills and contribute to reducing carbon emissions, making them environmentally friendly choices for pathways, parks, and other outdoor areas. The solar light installation offers tax incentives, rebates, and significant cost savings because no trenching and cabling is required.

Key Features

Sustainable and Reliable Energy Source: Our bollard lights feature integrated solar panels, lithium batteries, and smart power management, providing sustainable and dependable lighting solutions. This reduces environmental impact while ensuring long-term performance.

Simplified Installation and Low Maintenance: Our lights skip trenching and cabling, making installation easier and cheaper. Going off-grid means no electric bills.

Customizable and Versatile: Our bollard lights offer customizable lighting with pre-set modes and remote programming for tailored adjustments, optimizing performance to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces.

Solar Bollard Lights

ARCA Solar LED Bollard Light

Vandal-Resistant LED Bollard Lights

Vandal-resistant LED bollard lights offer a robust and durable solution for outdoor lighting in public spaces, parks, and commercial areas. Engineered with sturdy materials and advanced LED technology, these bollard lights are strategically designed to withstand intentional damage and tampering, ensuring longevity and security. With their sleek and contemporary design, they provide effective illumination while deterring vandalism and maintaining aesthetic appeal. Ideal for areas prone to vandalism or high-traffic environments, vandal-resistant LED bollard lights offer energy efficiency, low maintenance requirements, and reliable performance, making them a practical choice for outdoor lighting solutions. Access Fixtures’ vandal-resistant LED bollard lights are designed to withstand extra abuse. Features of a vandal-resistant LED bollard light include die-cast aluminum heads, extra strong bollard light bodies that are typically 7″ in diameter or more, and tamper-resistant screws.

Key Features

Vandal Resistant: Designs featuring durable die-cast aluminum housing which makes these bollard lights harder to break or be tampered with. Featuring marine-grade finishes and salt spray tested, the fixtures can withstand tough weather conditions.

Simple Installation: Vandal-resistant bollard lights feature a versatile mounting plate for simplified installation allowing the fixture to be easily mounted on various surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or soil, catering to diverse installation requirements. These commercial-grade fixtures also feature a quick disconnect terminal block that simplifies the electrical connections, enabling swift and hassle-free installation by electricians or maintenance personnel. This feature facilitates efficient wiring and reduces installation time, ultimately saving costs and ensuring smooth deployment of the lighting system.

Superior Optics: Access Fixtures vandal-resistant LED bollard lights feature prismatic glass lenses that minimize glare and diffuse lights. Other bollard lights have 360-degree louvered optics that direct downward and outward in a 360° circle which also prevents visual glare in high traffic areas.


VAND – Vandal-Resistant LED Bollard Light Commercial Application

Marine-Grade Finish LED Bollard Lights

Marine-grade finish LED bollard lights offer a robust lighting solution designed specifically for maritime environments. Featuring durable construction and corrosion-resistant materials, these bollard lights are engineered to withstand harsh coastal conditions, including salt spray and moisture exposure. With their sleek design and energy-efficient LED technology, they provide both aesthetic appeal and practical illumination for pathways, docks, marinas, parking lots near beaches, cold locations where salt is used to prevent slipping on ice, and other waterfront areas. Their long lifespan and low maintenance requirements make them an ideal choice for enhancing safety and visibility in marine settings while ensuring reliability and longevity in challenging coastal environments. While nothing is entirely immune to saltwater and rock salt, Access Fixtures’ marine grade finish bollard lights offer exceptional durability in such environments.

Key Features

Premium Build: Our marine-grade finish bollard lights for maximum life and durability also feature EXTREME-LIFE with an L70 rating of over 100,000 hours and IP66-rated against water jets. Some bollard light designs have a die-cast aluminum head which protects a horizontally mounted shatterproof polycarbonate lens. With marine-grade AAMA 2605-rated paint, tested for salt spray resistance for 4,000 hours, the finish shows minimal color dulling even after 10 years. Some of these fixtures’ inside and outside are painted for additional protection.

Customizable: Access Fixture’ marine-grade LED bollards feature models with Selectable Kelvin making it easy to select the Kelvin you want with the flick of a switch. Other models feature pre-programmed modes and remote programmability for tailored adjustments to suit climate and location.

Optics Options: LEDs are mounted in the head aimed down and reflect off the cone reflector for wide 360° light distribution. In other marine-grade fixtures, light is directed downward and outward in a 360-degree circle via the die-cast metal louvers.


MARI – 590nm LED Bollard Lights for sea turtle friendly lighting

Sea Turtle Friendly LED Bollard Lights

Sea turtle-friendly LED bollard lights are an essential component of coastal lighting solutions designed to minimize the negative impact of artificial light on nesting sea turtles. These bollard lights feature specially designed fixtures that emit light in a wavelength spectrum of 590nm Amber that is less disruptive to sea turtles, particularly hatchlings, who rely on natural cues such as moonlight to navigate to the ocean. Additionally, LED technology reduces energy consumption and operational costs and provides a long-lasting and durable lighting solution for coastal areas. Their low-glare feature ensures minimal light pollution, preserving the natural environment and enhancing the safety of both sea turtles and beachgoers. Many Sea Turtle Friendly LED bollard lights have light shields on one side, so no light is emitted on the side with water.

Key Features

590nm Amber LEDs: Turtles cannot see 590nm Amber LEDs which therefore provides for turtle and wildlife-friendly lighting. Using 590nm minimized disruptive wavelengths for turtles and wildlife follows most coastal light regulations.

FWC Certified: Access Fixtures offers fixtures that emit light in 590nm and come with the full baffle required to maintain Florida Wildlife Commission certification. Some fixtures come with added shielding to meet FWC certification.

Durable Construction: Certain fixtures feature a die-cast aluminum head, a heavy-duty extruded body, and a powder-coat finish over a chromate conversion coating. Other sea turtle-friendly LED bollard lights either come standard with a marine-grade finish or feature it as an option. With a max IP66 rating, and L70 ratings of over 100,000 hours, Access Fixtures’ sea turtle-friendly lights are EXTREME-Life offering maintenance-free performance.


590nm LED Bollard Lights for Wildlife and Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting

Dark Sky Compliant LED Bollard Lights

Dark Sky Compliant LED Bollard Lights adhere to the standards set by the International Dark Sky Association, aiming to preserve the integrity of the night sky. Preserving the dark sky allows for stargazing and protects wildlife that rely on natural lighting cues. Recognizing the importance of maintaining natural darkness, these lights protect nocturnal ecosystems, crucial for various organisms’ behaviors like hunting and migration. Compliance often involves using LEDs with a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin or lower and limiting the Backlight, Uplight, and Glare (BUG) rating, commonly achieved through features like downward-pointing LEDs or built-in louvers. It’s essential to consult local regulations, as they may vary, ensuring that lighting installations align with community-specific dark sky guidelines.

Key Features

Color Temperature: Access Fixtures designs and manufactures LED bollard lights in 3000K, 2700K, 2200K, or even specific LEDs measured in nanometers. For example, most oceanfront communities in the southeast USA require 590nm Amber LEDs. Some of our DarkSky compliant LED bollard lights feature selectable kelvin via the flick of a switch ensuring that you get the Kelvin you want for your location.

Optics Options: Choice of LEDs mounted in the head of the fixture aimed down for wide 360° light distribution. Choice of Louvered optics that reflect light downward with die-cast aluminum louvers which reduces glare.

Shields: Our optional shields help direct light output and reduce unwanted spillage to neighboring properties. Shielding blocks lights in one direction, or partially obscures the light source in a fixture.


Shop 2200K Dark Sky Compliant LED Bollard Lights 

Shop 2700K Dark Sky Compliant LED Bollard Lights 

Shop 3000K Dark Sky Compliant LED Bollard Lights

Shop 590nm Dark Sky Compliant Bollard Lights


590nm LED Bollard Lights for Wildlife and Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting

Medium Socket LED Bollard Lights

Medium socket LED bollard lights offer a versatile and energy-efficient solution for outdoor lighting needs. They feature a medium socket for A19 and A21 LED bulbs that screw into the medium socket installed in the bollard light. With their medium socket compatibility, these bollard lights allow for easy installation and replacement of LED bulbs, ensuring adaptability to varying lighting requirements.

Key Features

Medium Socket: These LED bollard fixtures accept a wide range of A19 and A21 lamps, giving you the choice of Kelvin, wattage, and more.

Optics and Lens: Access Fixtures’ medium socket LED bollard lights feature designs with louvered optics that reflect light downwards, reducing glare for pedestrians and drivers. Also, other designs feature prismatic glass lens which reflects light in a softly diffused pattern.

Style: Medium socket LEDs are available in various designs. Some fixtures feature a round dome top design that prevents persons from resting things atop the fixture. Another design feature is an architectural square flat top suitable for all outdoor applications. We even offer a sleek round flat-top design perfect for all outdoor applications.


LUVO – Medium Socket LED Bollard Lights

LED Bollard Lights With Louvers

LED bollard lights with louvers are a popular choice for outdoor lighting, offering energy efficiency and durability. These lights feature LED technology for long-lasting illumination, while the addition of louvers serves multiple purposes. Firstly, they reduce glare by directing light downwards, ensuring a comfortable lighting experience for pedestrians. Secondly, louvers enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces with their modern design. Moreover, they enable more precise control over the direction of light, allowing targeted illumination while minimizing light spillage. Access Fixtures’ LED Bollard Lights with Louvers are LED bollard lights with optics designed to reduce glare and/or uplight. There are two primary categories of LED bollard lights with louvers, louvers surrounded by a polycarbonate lens and louvered LED bollard lights that have exposed louvers and no polycarbonate lens. While the lens is a more classic look, the louvers without a lens are more durable and vandal-resistant.

Key Features

Effective Optics: LEDs face down and out with the LEDs reflecting off the reflector increasing light distribution. With this feature, there is a significant reduction in uplight and glare. Even with louvered optics, the bollard lights reflect the light downward through their die-cast aluminum louvers, reducing glare for pedestrians and drivers.

Durable Construction: Featuring a die-cast aluminum head, heavy-duty extruded aluminum body, and a powder-coat finish over a chromate conversion coating, these are IP65-rated and extremely durable bollard light fixtures. Some louvered fixtures have a marine-grade finish and are tested for salt spray resistance for 4,000 hours for added durability. Some of our louvered bollard lights are EXTREME-LIFE, L70 rated at over 100,000 hours.

FWC Certified: Access Fixtures designs and manufactures LED bollard lights with louvers to meet FWC requirements. These fixtures emit light in 590nm and come with a 270-degree shield for FWC certification.


MARI – LED Bollard Light with Louvers

LED Bollard Lights With Reflectors

LED Bollard lights with reflectors incorporate advanced optical elements to optimize light distribution and efficiency in outdoor settings. These high-performance fixtures typically feature precision-engineered reflectors strategically positioned within the head of the bollard. These reflectors are designed to redirect and control the emitted light, maximizing illumination while minimizing glare and pollution. There are style and operational choices to consider, such as installation location, design aesthetics, energy costs, local lighting regulations, and more.

Reflectors in bollard lights are often constructed from highly reflective materials such as aluminum or specialized coatings to ensure optimal light reflection. They are meticulously shaped and positioned to achieve specific beam patterns and light distribution profiles. Reflectors distribute light in various ways to meet many applications; a downward angle, for example, can satisfy dark sky compliance regulations.

Access Fixtures offers customizable bollard lights with four available reflector types: specialized, type 5 glass, louvers, and standard cone reflectors. Each reflector type has its specific benefits and the right reflector choice depends on the project and the desired light source type. Click here to learn how to choose bollard reflectors.

Key Features

Efficient Light Distribution: Reflectors help to efficiently direct and distribute light output, ensuring that the illumination is evenly spread over the intended area. This leads to better visibility and safety in outdoor spaces.

Maximized Illumination: By utilizing reflectors, bollard lights can maximize the effectiveness of the light emitted from the source, resulting in brighter and more effective illumination compared to fixtures without reflectors.

Reduced Glare: Properly designed reflectors can help minimize glare by controlling the direction and intensity of the light. This ensures that the light emitted from the bollard is comfortable for pedestrians and does not cause discomfort or visual impairment.

LED Bollard Lights with Reflectors

Commercial Application of LED Bollard Light with Reflectors

Stainless Steel LED Bollard Lights

Access Fixtures offers stainless steel LED bollard lights renowned for their exceptional appearance and performance, ideal for illuminating walkways and entrances. Crafted from 316 stainless steel, these bollard lights ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. The bollard heads are securely attached to the body with vandal-resistant screws, strategically positioned to prevent water corrosion or pooling. A gasket between the bollard head and housing serves as an extra moisture barrier.

These bollard lights feature robust cast-aluminum mounting plates, fastened to the base with vandal-resistant set screws and anchored with steel bolts into cement. The stainless steel composition, particularly Grade 316, containing at least 2% molybdenum, significantly enhances resistance to various corrosive elements, making it suitable for harsh environments like marine settings and areas prone to salt corrosion. Click here for notes on stainless steel bollard light maintenance.

For detailed insights into 316 stainless steel properties, the Specialty Steel Industry of North America (SSINA) and the International Molybdenum Association (IMOA) offer a comprehensive designer handbook, highlighting its performance in challenging conditions such as coastal environments. Access Fixtures’ stainless steel LED bollard lights not only provide reliable illumination but also withstand the rigors of demanding applications with elegance and efficiency. Click to learn more about LED stainless steel bollard lights. 

Key Features

Versatile Socket Compatibility: Stainless steel bollard lights offer versatile socket compatibility, accommodating a wide range of A19 and A21 lamps. This flexibility allows users to choose lamps with varying Kelvin temperatures, wattages, and other specifications to suit their lighting needs.

Glare-Reducing Louvered Optics: Equipped with glare-reducing louvered optics, stainless steel bollard lights are designed to reflect light downward, minimizing glare for pedestrians and drivers alike. The louvered design redirects light in a controlled manner, preventing it from dispersing in unwanted directions and causing discomfort or visual impairment.

Durable Type 316 Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from durable Type 316 stainless steel, these bollard lights are engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions with ease. Whether installed in polluted marine environments, coastal regions, or subjected to subzero temperatures, the robust construction of Type 316 stainless steel ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Resistant to corrosion, rust, and degradation, these bollard lights maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal even in adverse weather conditions, providing peace of mind and years of dependable service.


Commercial Application of Stainless Steel LED Bollard Lights

LED Bollard Lights Up to 12′

Bollard lights reaching up to 12 feet tall, also known as column lights, offer expansive illumination coverage, providing an attractive and effective lighting solution for outdoor spaces. Access Fixtures offers a range of LED bollard lights designed to illuminate large areas without the need for high mast lights on poles. These tall LED bollard lights or column lights distribute light evenly, ensuring safety and visibility along pathways, driveways, and expansive landscapes. In addition to their practical functionality, the dramatic height of these fixtures enhances the ambiance of outdoor environments, creating a captivating atmosphere. With customizable styles available, including various designs and finishes, these bollard lights offer versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Key Features

Extended Reach: Bollard lights towering up to 12 feet tall offer unparalleled visibility and illumination coverage, making them the ideal choice for illuminating expansive outdoor areas and pathways. With their elevated height, these fixtures cast light over a wider area, ensuring every corner is well-lit, thus enhancing safety and security.

Enhanced Ambiance: The towering stature of bollard lights reaching 12 feet serves a dual purpose by providing practical illumination and adding a touch of drama and grandeur to outdoor spaces. Whether lining pathways, framing entrances, or accentuating architectural features, these tall bollard lights invite exploration and foster a deeper connection with the surrounding environment.

Versatile Applications: LED bollard lights up to 12 feet tall offer versatility in application, making them a valuable asset for a wide range of outdoor settings. From residential gardens and parks to commercial plazas and public spaces, these fixtures serve multiple purposes, ranging from functional pathway lighting to decorative accents. Their flexible design allows for creative placement and customization, enabling users to tailor the lighting scheme to suit their needs and preferences.

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Shop ATRI 42″ to 12′ Tall LED Bollard Lights/Column Lights