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WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, February 3, 2023 — Access Fixtures, an industry leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, today announced the launch of the ANGY Quarter-Sphere LED wall pack with field selectable wattage and choice of Kelvin. This quarter-sphere wall pack demonstrates the future direction of LED wall packs. Lighting ordinances and architectural preferences are calling for wall packs that are architecturally interesting, full cut off eliminating up light, have glare reducing diffuser lenses, have a choice of Kelvin to match area light or to be Dark Sky Compliant, and have selectable wattage so the lumens emitted can be set at an appropriate level after the wall packs are installed. ANGY Quarter-Sphere LED wall packs achieve all of this and more.

ANGY LED Wall Packs Can be Dark Sky Compliant

ANGY Quarter-Sphere LED wall packs have selectable wattage that enables the lumens emitted to range between 1,750 and 8 400 lumens. A choice of Type IV (T4) or Type V (T5) optics lets the customer select between wider (T4) or forward (T5) optics to direct the light where it is needed. A choice of 3000 Kelvin, 4000 Kelvin, or 5000 Kelvin, enables the LED wall pack to either match the color of area lighting or be Dark Sky Compliant. ANGY Quarter-Sphere LED wall packs are Dark Sky Compliant when ordered with 3000 Kelvin LEDs.

The Full Cut Off LED Wall Packs the Market is Asking For

“ANGY Quarter-Sphere full cut off LED wall packs are what the market is asking for,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. “This wall pack will be architecturally interesting mounted on just about any building, while providing the right color and desired amount of light that the area requires.”

Architecturally Interesting and Durable LED Wall Packs

While designed to be architecturally interesting and to emit the correct amount and color of light, ANGY is also built to last. ANGY is manufactured with a heavy one-piece die-cast aluminum housing finished with an 8-step UV stabilized bronze powdercoat. The IP65 rating means ANGY LED wall packs are protected from total dust ingress and protected from high pressure water jets from any direction. The driver is 1-10v dimmable to work with various controls. 6kV surge protection is standard adding additional value. ANGYs work on 120-277v, are rated L70 @ 50,000 hours, have 70+ CRI, and are DLC Premium 5.1 Listed, UL listed and CUL Listed.

ANGY Quarter-Sphere LED Wall Pack Options

ANGY wall pack housings are stocked. The LED wall packs are built to order within 5 business days, so each wall pack has the options selected. Options include a choice of 3000K, 4000K or 5000K; Type IV (T4) or Type V (T5) optics; and a photocell. Custom RAL finishes are available with a minimum order quantity. To view ANGY Quarter-Sphere full cut off LED wall packs, click here.

ANGY Quarter-Sphere Full Cut Off LED Wall Pack

ANGY Quarter-Sphere Full Cut Off LED Wall Pack with Selectable Wattage

ANGY Quarter-Sphere Full Cut Off LED Wall Pack with Selectable Wattage

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