LED Volleyball Court Lighting – 57 Avg FC – High-Level Competition



This LED Volleyball Court Lighting Package offers you everything you need to light your club- or competition-level volleyball court. For a fantastic amount of light at a low price, this package includes: 

  • (4) KOTA 600w sports lighters
  • (4) Sports mounts
  • (4) 20-foot, 11-gauge steel poles
  • (16) 27.5-inch anchor bolts

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  • For extra strength and durability in high-wind locations, upgrade the steel poles in your package.



Weight 1000 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 10.5 × 10.5 in

Product Description

LED Volleyball Court Lighting 57 Avg FC Dimensions

This court design is designed to give you the best light output and evenness with as few shadows as possible.

The LED Volleyball Court Lighting 57 Avg FC – High-Level Competition package from Access Fixtures includes everything you need to light a club- or competition-level volleyball court with high light levels. This package includes poles, high-output KOTA LED fixtures, as well as all necessary mounting hardware. The cost of both materials and shipping is included in the listed price. View the photometric analysis to see exactly what kind of light you’ll receive and take the guesswork out of lighting your court. If you have any questions, please feel free to call an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today at 800-468-9925.


LED Volleyball Court Lighting – 57 Avg FC – High-Level Competition Court Design

This package only uses four poles with one fixture each to better distribute light while also keeping shadows from interfering with your play. The ideal play area for a volleyball court is 60′ x 30′. Each pole is placed 5’ beyond the edge of the court. See the attached image for a visual representation.

PSMH competition level tennis lighting Base Plate

Base Plate Dimensions

Poles, Anchor Bolts, and Base Plates

Each pole (AF33XPSS42011Z) is 20’ tall and weighs 146 lbs. Made out of 11-gauge steel (0.120” thick on all sides), these poles are sturdy and able to withstand winds of over 100 MPH. Each pole includes a reinforced cast-iron hole for easy mounting and entry. A single polycarbonate vertical tenon is included; the light fixtures will come with sports mounts that allow them to fit right over that tenon. Poles conform to ASTM-A 500 grade B with a minimum yield strength of 46,000 PSI, which is an industry standard for cold-forged steel. Each pole is coated in a bronze polyester powder coat finish and is heat treated to guarantee weather resistance.

Each pole comes with four anchor bolts, for a total of 16 bolts in the package. The bolts have the following specifications:

  • Thread Size: M20
  • Thread Pitch: 0.09″
  • Nominal Diameter: 0.90″
  • Width of Head: 1.26″
  • Height of Head: .51″

The base plates for each pole have dimensions of 10.5” x 10.5” x 0.75”. Each bolt circle in the base plate is 8” to 11”.


High-Output LED Volleyball Court Lighting Luminaires for Recreational-Level Play

This package comes with (4) 600w LED fixtures, each of which has an incredible output of 63,745 lumens. These fixtures auto-sense voltages between 120v and 277v; let us know if you’re using a high-voltage line and we can build the fixtures accordingly.

With an incredible rated life of 100,000, our fixtures are designed to last you a while with little maintenance. Want the ability to dim your fixtures? No problem. Simply ask an Access Fixtures lighting specialist and we’ll make sure the drivers in the fixtures are wired for dimming compatibility. A dimmable driver can come with these fixtures, just ask one of our lighting specialists about dimming options. These units have a standard CRI of 80+, so colors will be clear and vivid.

Why KOTA Sports Lighters: LED Design and Heat Sinks

LED Volleyball Court Lighting 57 Avg FC FCR

Placing two poles on either side of the court helps achieve even light across the entire playing area.

These KOTA 600w LED fixtures use multi-layer Apollo 600 – Flip Chip COB LEDs. These chips are able to do so much more than regular chips, mostly due to their patented heat dispersion “tunnel,” which allows heat to efficiently escape the surface of the chip.

When energy travels to the surface of the LED, much of it becomes light. The remaining energy becomes heat, which can negatively affect the performance of the LED. The tunnel in the COB LEDs acts as a path through which heat can escape. Other fixtures that do not have this tunnel often run into issues with heat management; their LEDs overheat and the fixtures do not last as long as they should. The chip design, combined with the heat-dispersing design of the heat sinks, eliminates the need for fans or external cooling devices, which are repeated sources of failure in other fixtures on the market today.

The science behind these heat sinks lies in their internal copper piping; the core of each heat sink is essentially a root system of these copper pipes, through which heat can travel and escape to the black fins. These heat sinks are cold forged and finished through a process called electrophoretic deposition, which helps improve consistency across all surfaces. Read more about this technology here.


Light Levels and Photometric Results: (4) 600w KOTA LED Volleyball Court Lighting 57 Avg FC

The package displays at the following footcandles at ground level:

Average Footcandles: 57 FC

Minimum Footcandles: 29 FC

Maximum Footcandles: 74 FC

For more information, you can download the PDF and take a look at the individual specifications and photometric results here.