bocce players

Summer is dwindling to its eventual end, and the days will soon be getting shorter. Now is the time to get the most out of the final warm days of the year. Access fixtures lighting specialists have been helping customers update their outdoor LED sports lighting with energy-efficient LED packages at new reduced prices, including basketball, tennis, and now, bocce court lighting.

Bocce is a relaxing outdoor ball sport that can trace its origins back to Roman times. Players bowl a series of balls to see who can get one closest to the “jack” which is a smaller ball that is tossed at the beginning of play. Access Fixtures bocce LED court lighting provides optimum, energy-efficient light fixtures that will enable players to enjoy the game long after the sun goes down.

The Access Fixtures 95w LED bocce court lighting system, which includes two 20′ poles and two 95w LED luminaires, sets the industry standard for optimal bocce match conditions providing 8.78 foot candles over the entire court for significantly less energy than traditional fixtures. Bocce court lighting is now more affordable than ever with reduced pricing. Players will be able to enjoy time on the court for hours with the long LED operating life of 100,000 hours, which virtually eliminates maintenance costs.

Dimming options are available, with an extremely low lighting variance of 2.15 max/min, giving players and property managers complete control of lumen output levels. Perfect for municipalities, schools, backyards, and retirement homes, LED bocce court lighting is energy efficient and more affordable than ever. Call an Access Fixtures specialist today and see how you can upgrade your bocce court today!