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Tennis Lighting Packages

Welcome to tennis package lighting by Access Fixtures! Here, you’ll find tennis court lighting in full-package form: Every package below ships with poles, LED fixtures, and all the necessary mounting hardware. We have both single and multi tennis court lighting solutions, both of which can be easily modified to account for high-wind locations, high-CRI needs, Kelvin temperatures, and more.

The four levels of play to which these courts are designed are:

  • Recreation: 20-30 Average Foot Candles
  • Club: 30-60 Average Foot Candles
  • Competition: 60-80 Average Foot Candles
  • NCAA/Televised: 90+ Foot Candles

To start, we recommend using the navigation options on the left side of the screen to select your desired level of play, number of poles, or pole height. Recreational tennis, club, competitive tennis, and NCAA/TV tennis lighting solutions available. Click on a package to read and see more about it. Of course, our team is here to help, too.

Call 800-468-9925 to speak to a lighting specialist today.

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