Sea Turtle Lights – LED Sea Turtle Friendly Lighting for Waterfront Lighting

Turtle nesting beach sign

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Access Fixtures turtle friendly lighting features LEDs that emit light in a wavelength considered safe for turtles. These LEDs safely illuminate coastal areas, roads, walkways, and parking lots, while minimizing light pollution and protecting nearby wildlife.

Outdoor lighting is necessary for providing a safe, appropriately illuminated area for the public. However, this artificial outdoor lighting can have a damaging effect on turtles; for hundreds of years, this damage went unnoticed. The artificial light pollution disturbs these organisms’ natural behavior by essentially turning their nights into days, which interrupts their circadian rhythms.

Artificial light attracts turtles, frogs, and other wildlife to commercial areas, roadways, and other properties that are considered harmful for turtles and wildlife. Access Fixtures turtle friendly lighting emits a light that is mostly invisible to wildlife such as turtles and frogs; consequently, they are not drawn toward harmful areas such as parking structures, buildings, or bollards. Access Fixtures offers a large selection of LED turtle lighting. This selection includes; flood lights, garage lights, wall packs, bollards, and more.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute carried out a study on understanding, assessing, and resolving light-pollution problems on sea turtle nesting beaches. This study explains that “sea turtle populations have suffered declines worldwide, and their recovery largely depends upon managing the effects of expanding human populations.” Whether for sea turtles or other animals, light pollution is one of the easiest problems to solve. The same study also notes a simple way to guarantee effective turtle lighting: “Keep it long, keep it low, and keep it shielded.”

Turtle Friendly Lighting Components

Unlike the light emitted from standard fixtures, Access Fixtures LED turtle friendly lights are not measured by Kelvin temperature. Instead, these fixtures are set to a wavelength between 590 nanometers and 610 nanometers. This is a crucial element because this specific range ensures that the light is not visible to these animals.

Although a naturally dark environment is the only way of fully protecting these animals from light pollution, there is no direct substitute that emulates this natural environment that also appropriately illuminates public areas. These fixtures do, however, reduce light pollution in public spaces where artificial lighting is in excess.

Typically, animals use the presence or absence of natural light (often the moon) as a directional guide. For instance, when baby turtles hatch on the beach, they know instinctively to follow the white light of the moon back to the ocean. If a housing development has white LED lights in its parking lot, the turtle hatchlings may head toward it instead of the ocean. With wildlife and turtle friendly lights from Access Fixtures, there is a better chance the turtles will follow the moon and not the light fixtures.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Turtle Friendly Lighting

Access Fixtures offers a large selection of turtle friendly light fixtures to suitably illuminate your property and protect nearby turtles. All turtle friendly fixtures are energy-efficient and long-lasting, with minimal maintenance required. It is important to check with local ordinances to identify any species that may be affected by light and also to double-check permitted nanometer ranges. If your local codes require a different nanometer of light beside 590–610 nm, Access Fixtures can customize the LEDs in your fixtures to fit those guidelines. For all your lighting questions, talk with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800-468-9925.